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Future Power
Smart Green Spending, for a Change
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  • Andrew Allison

    Related news item: Sales of electric vehicles in Atlanta have plummeted 90, yes 90 percent since the $5000 State tax credit was eliminated. The sad truth is that taxpayers everywhere are pay to persuade people to by a product which, like ethanol, is worse than the alternative (

  • WigWag

    Nuclear energy may be an anathema to deluded greens for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean its not the wrong way to go. What renewable energy and nuclear energy have in common are that neither is financially feasible without substantial governmental subsidies. This is as likely to be true of new iterations of nuclear energy as it is of the current 1980s technology that the industry relies on.

    The wave of the future is likely to be distributed generation where communities, apartment buildings, or even individual homeowners generate their own electricity using natural gas. The technological leap necessary to implement full-time, at home, electricity generation is dramatically smaller than the technological (or logistical or legal) leaps required to bring new forms of nuclear energy to the American public.

    Distributed generation has the benefit of eliminating the power grid and destroying big, fat, repulsive electrical utilities. Many companies, including General Electric, realize this is the wave of the future and they are investing billions of dollars in developing, building and installing small, local based gas-fired generators.

    Electric utilities know this is coming and they are scared sh*tless.

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