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Future Power
Macron’s Nuclear Mistake
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  • D4x

    Germany does not learn from their green energy experience past forty years. “There’s none so blind as they that won’t see.” Jonathan Swift

  • tellourstory

    Paris suffered the worst air pollution it’s seen in a decade last December. If they decide to turn off their plants and switch to coal, what they experienced in December could become the new normal. Wearing surgical masks may become the next fashion trend for them.

    • GABroncoFan

      Gucci better get started on the new designs.

  • Aldus du Flaperon

    Another demonstration that the choice of a centrist government is not necessarily the rational choice.

    • Jim__L

      It’s entirely possible that a government like that could take the *worst* ideas from each end of the political spectrum… or be an alliance of entrenchedd interests that refuse the best of their ideas…

      • Andrew Allison

        You raise a very good point. Centrism in France for the past 40 years has simply meant the center-left and center-right elites taking turns at governing (the same could be said of the US). By their nature, such alliances of entrenched interests don’t produce policy breakthroughs. I don’t think it’s reasonable to anticipate taking the worst ideas from far left and right — too much cognitive dissonance.

        • Jim__L

          The Hollande government was a very, very strange one from what I’ve heard. They implemented a lot of right-leaning ideas, daring the rest of parliament to bring down the government if they disagreed.

          By the way, this is a very strange thing about the French constitution. One article, 49.3, allows the prime minister to push through any legislation he likes unless Parliament can muster a 2/3rds vote with which to take the government down completely. Weird stuff. Macron isn’t pushing to rewrite the constitution, but many in France believe that this particular article needs to be changed.

          • Andrew Allison

            Yes, the Fifth Republic, unsurprisingly given its originator (De Gaulle) makes the President unusually powerful. It remains to be seen whether Macron has the testicular fortitude to use it (or understands what needs to be done). Although unions get all the press, perhaps the biggest impediment to French economic growth is a government sector which consumes 58% of GDP.

  • PCB

    That it would be a grave error all but guarantees that France will make it.

  • mezzrow

    Plus, all those diesel engines in those little Euro runabouts. Better mileage, but…

  • Jim__L

    “Everybody else is doing it! We don’t want to be the only cool kids [industrialized countries] that aren’t!”

    This is the kind of thinking that animates all sorts of policy disasters, from socialized medicine to environmentalism.

    It’s bandwagon-jumping, it’s peer pressure. It’s abdicating your duty to think for yourself. It’s about as far from Enlightenment as you can actually get.

    Our cousins in Europe are an absolute wreck, and we should NOT be looking to them for solutions.

  • Pete

    One of the few things France has done as a society since … well since the end of WWI .. has been to invest in nuclear power. Now they want to throw even that away. go figure.

  • LarryD

    ” It’s hard to fathom at this point why environmentalists are still so blind to the eco-benefits of nuclear energy.”

    Hmm, because you take their propaganda at face value? Be more skeptical, analyze not what they say, but what they do. Or to quote a much older source “by their fruits you shall know them”.

    • mikekelley10

      Yeah, leftists love “alternative energy” because it is a great way to reward wealthy patrons. Selling high-priced “green” electricity to the public is a license to steal.

      • GABroncoFan

        It is not about the rewarding wealthy patrons. It is about the fantasy of feeling good about oneself. After all, the wealthy are evil according to them.

        • InklingBooks

          Quote: “After all, the wealthy are evil according to them.”

          You’re confusing extortion with genuine dislike. Greens drum up just enough criticism of the wealthy to shake them down for money. Supplied with sufficient contributions, these organizations won’t advocate anything that inconveniences the rich.

        • mikekelley10

          They may say that, but look at how many multi-billionaires are Democrats in this country these days. Warren Buffett, for example, has made a killing on the poor, dumb American rate payer:

          –MidAmerican appropriately makes post-tax profits of $1,574,000,000 for producing just 11% of the electricity that Ameren produces. And Ameren’s net income after an assumed tax rate of 37% is just $255,000,000. So, in the end: 1 kilowatt of windmill electricity produces 57x the profit of 1 kilowatt of hydrocarbon fuel electricity.

          The extraordinary and outsized economics of green energy are consistent with an arcane scheme. It is originated by government mandates forcing all electric customers to pay for nothing except for the transfer of wealth to the “chosen winners” of the high priests of Green Energy Ideology. Getting chosen to own a windmill is an economic gift of unprecedented proportions. And it will last as long as the “wind blows”! The Green Energy elites are profiting at the expense of all electricity users. They must do everything possible to prevent “we the people” from ever discovering how they make all their money.–

        • f1b0nacc1

          Embrace the healing power of ‘and’….they can be self-indulgent and corrupt….

  • Fat_Man

    “Germany’s experience hasn’t been enough to phase France’s greens”

    Not phase, faze

    • Fat_Man

      Socialism is not based on experience. It is blind faith in things that are not only unseen, but will never be seen.

  • frisco kid

    “faze”, not “phase”

  • Angel Martin

    Liberals are against nuclear power, except in the case of Iran.

  • TimS

    The antinuclear faux-greens have just served to favor the fossil fuel industry. For each installed-gigawatt of intermittent wind/solar unicorn energy it’s needed a gigawatt from fossil fuels to keep lights on when sun is not shining or wind is not blowing or during prolonged droughts because cost-effective batteries do not exist and are ever far from becoming realty.

  • It’s as if the Leftist/Liberals of Europe & America have a death wish for our collective civilization. I don’t know how else to explain this kind of collective stupidity. Nuclear power is relatively safe and effective as well as reliable source of energy. If you build plants on or near fault lines that are continually active (i.e. Pacific’s Ring of Fire) then you’re going to have problems no matter what you do. France is not geologically active and has very little chance of having an earthquate of a magnitude high enough to damage their power generating system, yet these imbeciles insist on “renewable” power generation that is nothing close to being reliable.

  • ChuckFinley

    “Germany, motivated by an irrational fear of the energy source following
    the 2011 Fukushima disaster, is leading this charge to its own

    I would be more inclined to argue that Germany’s hostility to nuclear energy has been generated by Cold War era Soviet Union agents of influence who have been repurposed to act in the interest of Russian natural gas exporters by shutting down competing electric power generation methods. Natural gas sales to western Europe are one of Russia’s major sources of foreign exchange so defending and expanding natural gas sales is a major priority for the Russian government. Also, the ability to shut off natural gas deliveries is a political tool that the Russians have already demonstrated a willingness to use.

  • JackOlson

    Nuclear power provides 49% of French electricity generation. Fossil fuel provides another 20%. Replacing two-thirds of your county’s power plants with renewables will take a whale of a lot of hydropower, wind turbine generators, or some technical breakthrough such as tidal or geothermal power. Otherwise, the all-renewable plan is fantasy.

    • TimS

      At cost of huge ecological impacts in natural habitats.

  • TimS

    France is one of cleanest electrical grid in the world.
    Switzerland’s grid produces around 20gCO₂/kWh(thanks to hydro and carbon-free nuclear power)
    Germany is over 500gCO₂/kWh on average (thanks to intermittent renewables backed up by fossil fuels).
    Even so, Swiss faux-greens want to follow Germany Energiewende, a trillion-euro ecological disaster. Lunatics!

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