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Future Power
Tackling Renewables’ Grid Problem
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  • Fat_Man

    “Renewables are, in specific cases, beginning to be able to compete without subsidization”

    The failure to make the “renewables” producers pay for the capital cost of the equipment required to keep the grid from collapsing when, at random moments, they cannot deliver is an implicit and enormous subsidy. It is a problem that cannot be solved without astronomical increases in the cost of electricity.

    “Environmentalists” don’t mind impoverishing the deplorables to make the world safe for “renewables”, but it gripes the heck out of us peasants.

    • Jim__L

      So when do these subsidies simply end?

      There are a lot of very rich people who love renewable energy. Why can’t they pick up the tab themselves?

      • Fat_Man

        Don’t ask me. Ask Trump.

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