The Freedom Consensus

The global economic crisis has convinced many that the Washington Consensus is “out” and the so-called Beijing Consensus is “in.” As it turns out, three countries—India, Brazil, and South Africa—are leading the way to a new paradigm.

The Vulnerability of Peripheries

The United States must disprove the thesis of its decline, now being tested in three global hingepoints.

Playing the Long Game

America’s most important challengers are organized for protracted
competition. But America itself is not—yet.

Re-imagining Infrastructure

America is rich in expertise and dollars, but a desperately needed infrastructure renewal depends on something else.

Quilted America

How the Smithsonian tried to outsource an American icon (and failed, thankfully).

Send in the Clones

Kazuo Ishiguro hangs suspended between two cultures and two languages—a tension that enriches Never Let Me Go.

For a Little Room Behind the Shop

How Montaigne found happiness: He helped himself.

Busytown Blues

There’s a seamy underside to children’s book author/illustrator Richard Scarry’s busy, busy world.

Neo-Feudalism Explained

The flight of the best and brightest from Russia is no accident.

The Rootless Roma

The benefits of nationalism, as illustrated by its absence.

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