Jakub Grygiel
Balancing Act
As the EU Loses Steam, NATO Gains In Importance

Europeans are wrong to be nervous about America’s commitment to NATO. But neither should they be complacent.

Failure to Launch
The EU Can’t Fulfill Its Purpose

In a competitive world, with antagonistic external powers and growing internal imbalances, the dream is failing.

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Getting to a Strategy
How To “Normalize” Relations With Russia

No, it doesn’t mean playing nice. It means convincing Moscow of the permanence of the geopolitical order on its western frontier.

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Friend or Foe
The Benefits of Having an Enemy

…and the perils of believing that you have none.

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In the Balance
Fear and the Logic of Alliances

How much should the U.S. rely on its overseas allies to contain distant threats?

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US and Russia
The Temptation of a “Grand Bargain”

The temptation to strike a bargain with a great-power rival is one the Romans knew, too. We should resist it.

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Make America’s Allies Great Again

Trump should learn from the Obama Administration’s mistakes and bet on the friends we already have.

New World Disorder
The Dangerous Idiocy of Global Leadership

The first obligation of leadership is to one’s own people. The international elite have forgotten that, and end up serving no one but themselves.

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After Empire
The Stages of Grief at the Frontier

Or, how to survive when your empire dissolves.

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Order and Chaos
Barbarians, War, and Saint Augustine

Political orders, even fragile, imperfect ones, are worth defending from those who would wreck them.

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