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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
fighting the future
Blue Model Devours Italian Innovation

Some creative Italians have found a way to beat their country’s job-destroying Euro woes—and the powers that be have immediately organized to crush it.

Euro Division
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Stubborn Germany Rejects Trade Criticism

Berlin’s self-righteousness on economic matters is understandable. But times are changing, and Germany politics have to keep up if the EU—and the transatlantic relationship—is to survive.

Not Dead Yet
The Putinocracy’s Corruption Problem

But this weekend’s protests, impressive as they were, are a long way from constituting a lasting threat to Putin’s power.

the 45th president
How Will Trump Respond to Failure?

A more important question than whether the botched health bill passes the House.

travails of Trumpcare
On Healthcare, GOP Should Think Long-Term

The GOP Congressional caucus is in chaos as it tries to ram through Obamacare repeal.

Survey Says
The Cuban Revolution Is Over

But the dictatorship lives on.

Sunni Delight
Israel Strikes Again in Syria

Israel’s latest strikes against Hezbollah are likely to be cheered by the Sunnis.

Burn Baby Burn
GOP Tax Cut Shows Why Administrative State Needs Pruning

But zealots who want to burn down the whole administrative state have it wrong.

European Disunion
Europe Is Eroding from the South

The most serious challenge to the European project is not in the Netherlands or France.

Nuclear North Korea
No More “Strategic Patience” on North Korea

Speaking in Seoul, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ruled out new negotiations with the Norks while raising the implicit threat of a pre-emptive strike.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Higher Education Watch

University administrations have leaned too far over their skis in an effort to win more guilty findings.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Don’t expect a tough line on Beijing to come out of this year’s summit.


Warsaw just purchased its first cargoes of American LNG.

Mixed Messages

Trump’s latest outburst on THAAD and trade will hardly help shore up U.S.-South Korean relations.

Crude Economics

Today’s glut could lead to tomorrow’s supply shock.

The Art of the Deal

So far, it’s grandstanding and placebo politics disguising a more moderate agenda.

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