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Green Dreams
Green Dreams
Spencer Platt/Newsmakers
The Rise of Moral Environmentalism

Humanity is once again living in a millenarian moment.

Green Dreams
Is the 2C Goal Dead?

The world is set to blow past one of the most widely-cited climate warming limits, according to new research.

Green Dreams
Looks Like We’re Ditching a Key Climate Goal in Paris

Will the Paris summit kill the oft-hyped 2 degrees Celsius climate change target? All signs point to yes.

Green Dreams
World Woefully Unprepared for Paris Climate Summit

Only 37 of 196 UN member states have submitted required national plans for tackling climate change. What does this say about the global movement?

Green Dreams
UN Officials Already Hedging Paris Climate Summit

Ten months out and already top officials are trying to tamp down expectations for this year’s climate summit in Paris.

Green Dreams
Green Policies Hamstring EU Growth

A new report finds that the EU’s green policies were poorly constructed, and its costs are outstripping its benefits.

Green Dreams
America’s Biggest Loser

Not even $57 million, spent by Tom Steyer, helped move the public on green matters. But this is not because voters suffer from ill-founded climate skepticism. Rather, the public is suffused with well-founded policy skepticism.

Green Dreams
The EU's Resolve Wavers Ahead of Climate Change Deal

Poland leads a group of central and eastern European countries highly skeptical of a raft of new EU green policy proposals. Green dreams are running headlong into harsh economic realities in Brussels next week.

Green Dreams
A Better Global Approach to Climate Change?

While delegates meet in Bonn for UN-brokered climate talks, a parallel summit is underway halfway around the world in Mexico City, focusing on sharing practical solutions to local problems.

Green Dreams
What the IPCC Doesn't Get

The IPCC has some suggestions for averting disastrous climate change, but rather than propping up current-generation renewables technology, we’d be better off funding the research and development of products capable of competing on their own merit.

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