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Foreign Policy Adrift
Foreign Policy Adrift
Beijing Hurries to Cash in on Perceived U.S. Weakness

Beijing plans for 2016 to be a big year for strengthening its military position.

Foreign Policy Adrift
Beijing Sends Missiles to the South China Sea

The meltdown of American resolve and strategic coherence in the Middle East has consequences around the world.

Foreign Policy Adrift
President Pangloss and the Refugee Crisis

The U.N. stated on Friday that over 60 million people across the globe have been pushed out of their homes by wars. This is a result of the foreign policy failures of the West.

Foreign Policy Adrift
Former SecDef Blasts Foreign Policy Failures

Former SecDef Chuck Hagel is back, and he’s not happy.

Foreign Policy Adrift
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The President As Pangloss

Most of the public is no longer listening to President Obama on national security. He needs a better strategy for describing and defending his policies to the American people.

Foreign Policy Adrift
Oil Spikes after Jet Strike

President Obama’s pivot away from the Middle East was only possible because of his belief that what happened in the Middle East could stay in the Middle East. But we are now seeing how false that belief is.

Foreign Policy Adrift
A Humiliating Setback in Afghanistan

When it comes to American foreign policy, dodge, vacillate, and retreat seem to be the order of the day.

Foreign Policy Adrift
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Realism and the American Republic

How Washington fails to reconcile realism and idealism in its current foreign policy.

Foreign Policy Adrift
Middle East “Stability:” Do We Care? Should We?

The problem with President Obama’s unprecedented “hands-off” policy for the Middle East.

Foreign Policy Adrift
It's Time to Shake Up Obama's Foreign Policy

The debate about Obama’s foreign policy is not if it is working or it is is not; everyone agrees it is not working. It’s about whether there is anything Obama can do about it.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

London is using both carrot and stick to keep offshore oil output up.

Greeks Bearing Debts

Greece’s recurrent crisis is the result of bad Greek and German decisions alike. Only one is in year eight of a depression as a result.

Frack Baby Frack

Abundant shale gas brought natural gas prices to historic lows—and made the US a net exporter of the hydrocarbon.

WRM Elsewhere

Walter Russell Mead tackles the question.

Silicon Valley All Grown Up

Is Silicon Valley getting tired of blue governance?

Military Spending

The UK government promises that Britain’s new aircraft carriers will have aircraft.

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