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Foreign Policy Adrift
Oil Spikes after Jet Strike
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  • Rick Johnson

    Do you really believe that Obambi cares about regaining the confidence of the American people? As a Left radical and ‘community organiser’, he only has contempt for the American people. He just doesn’t care for them. He will see out his last 400 days doing whatever he damn well pleases.

  • lord acton

    I foresee a final round of taxpayer funded golf junkets and vacations before a lucrative retirement as a party ornament at progressive fundraisers.

  • Angel Martin

    you would think that someone like Obama with his track record of misjudgements and mistakes would be reluctant to lecture other people on the middle east…

    Ha ! Ha ! Ha!

  • WigWag

    It pays to remember that Putin and Erdogan are cut from the same cloth. They’re both blowhards, they’re both full of bombast and their bravado serves the purpose of hiding the weakness of their nations.

    Professor Mead neglects to spell out exactly who it is that he thinks is spewing nativism and xenophobia in America’s body politic, but whomever he’s referring to, it’s pretty sure that they are amateurs in the xenophobia department compared to Putin and Erdogan.

    We don’t know how Turkey’s downing of the Russian bomber will play out, but my guess is it will turn out to be a very good thing. Putin needed to be challenged and taken down a notch; who would have guessed that when it comes to leading from behind, Turkey would be doing the leading while Obama hides in Erdogan’s shadow. We will know soon enough whether Putin doubles down on murdering innocent Syrians who want Assad ousted or whether he redirects his bombers towards targets controlled by ISIL.

    If I had to bet, I suspect that Putin will respond as asymmetrically by doing things likely to increase the refugee flow into Europe. Of course, dimwitted European elites will probably still welcome the refugees with open arms even after the recent calamity in Paris and Brussels.

    Of course, many Europeans will object, but I guess Professor Mead would label those who do as natavists and xenophobes.

  • bannedforselfcensorship

    Of course, Obama will now tell us that he just learned from the newspapers that the intel he was receiving was doctored. No one will be madder than he will be. “I would never have called them the JV team if I’d had the real intelligence!”

    (Of course, he’s the one who probably ordered the intel to be doctored.)

    • iconoclast

      The past head of the DIA just called Obama a liar, very politely, at a Congressional hearing.

    • Andrew Allison

      Well of course, if he had real intelligence rather than overweening self-regard . . .

  • Boritz

    High oil prices are a highly valued goal. All is well in green-land.

  • Anthony

    “As ever, peace among ourselves is more important, more urgent, than is peace with all nations. As ever, peace on the home front is the sine qua non of earning peace with foreigners. There is no recipe for establishing peace among ourselves and with all nations. That has to be won and preserved as it ever has been here and elsewhere: by reaffirming our way of life, by making friendship with one another the primordial objective of public life, by avoiding the near occasion of war; but, when war is necessary, by fighting it to victory or to the best peace that honestly acknowledged defeat can manage.”

  • Andrew Allison

    President Obama has shown himself to be incapable of recognizing his mistakes — the smartest guy in the room doesn’t make mistakes!

  • iconoclast

    “ISIL (aka Da’esh), al-Qa’ida, Boko Haram, and other terrorist groups ”

    If we could only work out the underlying similarity between these terrorist groups we might have a better understanding of how to find and fight them. But I guess that will remain a mystery forever.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I have objections to a number of statements in this article, that contain unsupported assumptions.

    “President Obama’s pivot away from the Middle East was only possible because of his belief that what happened in the Middle East could stay in the Middle East.”

    Assumption: That Obama has a “Strategy” or would know a “Strategy” if it jumped up and bit him. What has led you to believe that he’s smart, learns from his mistakes, or even takes responsibility for his mistakes so that he can learn from them?

    “President Obama has never given a serious public account of just why his estimates of the strength of America’s enemies, and his predictions about their future activities, have been so frequently and flagrantly wrong. Nor has he said anything about what he’s learned from these mistakes and how he intends to get a better grip on the problem in the future.”

    Assumption: That Obama can recognize his mistakes and take responsibility for them. When all the evidence is that when anything goes wrong Obama immediately finds someone or something to blame and scapegoat for his own failings and stupid unworkable leftist agenda.

    “Fear about the President’s inability to keep the country safe is a major factor in the ugly wave of nativism and xenophobia now coursing through the body politic.”

    Assumption: That rallying around a successful Culture’s central tenets when that Culture is under attack by a backward inferior and violent Culture like the Islamic Culture is UGLY, instead of just prudent common sense. Also, calling it xenophobia is wrong, a “Phobia” is an irrational fear of something. So, what is happening to the body politic isn’t a “Phobia”, as fear of Muslims is completely rational, as they have Murdered over 32,000 people this year, and this has quadrupled since Obama took office. Polls prove that well over 50% of Muslims support Sharia Law, over any country or nation’s laws. Sharia Law legalizes the Murder, Rape, Robbery, and Enslavement (Yes, Slavery) of all Infidels and Apostates, and every “Good” Muslim gets to decide who those people are for himself. Polls also show that 20%-40% of Muslims support the actions of Jihadists. Assuming 1 billion Muslims that’s 400 million people that support Jihad, or 100 million more than the entire population of America. It is unknown how many additional people have been Raped, Robbed, and Enslaved but it is easily over 100,000. So stop using the libel/slander “xenophobia” to paint the justifiably fearful people. It’s as foolish as calling anyone with a different opinion from Obama’s a racist, even though he is clearly wrong about pretty much everything.

    “With more than 400 days left in office, and many shocks likely to occur between now and then, President Obama needs to think, hard, about how he can regain the confidence of more Americans that he understands the dangers we confront and is ready and able to deal with them.”

    Assumption: That Obama can or wants to think about anything that contradicts his leftist delusions.

    Obama is the worst President in American History, and Martin Luther King would be ashamed that America elected a Black Man Twice because of the color of his skin instead of the “Content of his Character”.

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