Foreign Policy Adrift
It’s Time to Shake Up Obama’s Foreign Policy
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  • Evan Seitchik

    “…bringing in a new, at least somewhat bipartisan group of well regarded, seasoned, top level people to staff the President’s core White House policy team would send a powerful signal overseas and could give the administration a chance to stabilize itself.”

    Mead for Secretary!

    • Breif2

      And then have Obama, Biden, Boehner, and Leahy resign. 🙂

  • Leonard Goodman

    “The smartest thing this President could now right now would be to change up his team, particularly his team in the White House.”

    You have got to be kidding. Who, with any stature, would serve under a president that prides himself on being smarter than all of his subordinates and, except for Gates at Defense (whom he inherited), name one, just one, member of his team (past or present) that is competent and an adult. It’s not that he doesn’t go to his team for advice, it’s that what he would get is most likely worse mush than what he himself proposes.

  • Andrew Allison

    Just as nobody not on the White House payroll thinks that Obama’s foreign policy is making the world a safer place, nobody thinks that the Iranians have the slightest intention of abandoning their quest for the bomb! Meanwhile the ditherer-in-chief is thinking about giving them still more time to stall.

  • Breif2

    Then: Bush was either incompetent or evil.

    Now: “We live in a complex world and at a challenging time. And none of these challenges lend themselves to quick or easy solutions.”

    It’s likely that the true believers around the President have been consoling themselves with the hope that a nuclear deal with Iran would get the President out of the strategic doghouse and restore his authority and prestige.

    How fortunate that the Iranian leaders are suckers and won’t take advantage of this.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The world is not in a “rough patch”. Except for our need for a billion people to walk away from the utter nonsense of Islam (a better description for your “failure of the Arab world to find a path to stable and satisfactory modernity”), AND except for the failure of western nations to prevent an international race to the bottom in income taxation, the world would be in a sweet spot.

    It’s true the world has more people than ever before, but we also have more understanding of things and better tools than ever before. We need Islam to pass away as a philosophy and we need international agreement on high taxation of high incomes in all 200+ countries.

    As for the “caliber” of Obama/Biden, remember, the alternative was McCain/Palin, two reactionaries.

    • Breif2

      “we need international agreement on high taxation of high incomes”

      Speak of reactionaries! 🙂

      • FriendlyGoat

        1600+ multi-billionaires running from tax haven to tax haven while half the world barely owns a pot of porridge is not making a better world. The more people who can ascend to some sort of a lower-middle class, the more peaceful we shall be. I know that conservatives believe tax cuts create jobs. I happen to believe that tax cuts destroy jobs, so that’s why I’d want more uniform taxation at the high end.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “The waves crashing on the shore of history right now are hard to surf, and any U.S. President would be having a rough ride right now. Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, either Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington, Madison, or Monroe wouldn’t be doing handstands and back flips if they were in charge right now. They would be clinging to their boards and hoping not to be thrown.”

    This simply isn’t true. When ever Obama has had to make a decision it has been for hasty withdrawal, or lead from behind because his instincts are to avoid any responsibility for anything. We see this from his voting pattern, voting present hundreds of times, to avoid taking any position that people will hold against him. Comparing him as equal to the “Buck Stops Here” Presidents above, is a travesty. All of those Presidents had terrible challenges that they faced with honor. Reagan took over with double digit inflation, a sick economy, hostages in Iran for 444 days, the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and the Cold War. Lincoln fought a Civil War, Washington refused to be made King, Roosevelt the Great Depression 1.0 and WWII. I can’t imagine how bad things would be if Obama had faced any of those problems, seeing how he shirks from any responsibility and is indecisive to boot.

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