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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
Imperial China
Xi Wants Foreign Support for One Belt, One Road

Part of what’s driving the One Belt, One Road strategy is crippling overcapacity at home.

The Fruits of Peace
Moderation Postponed in Iran

For reasons practical as well as ideological, hard-liners continue to hold on in Tehran.

Game of Thrones à la Modi
Outflanking Pakistan, Challenging China

This has the potential to become a strategic nightmare for Pakistan.

From Bad to Worse
Brazil’s Economic Nightmare

The experiment in leftwing rule in Brazil began reasonably well under Lula, but it appears to be ending in tears.

$15 Minimum
The Replacement Continues

We don’t need laws against robots or progress, but we don’t need laws that artificially hasten the elimination of low-skilled employment either.

The Meaning of Mr. Trump

What energizes the Trump phenomenon is the power of “NO!”: people who think the train is about to head off a cliff want to pull the emergency cord that stops the train even if they don’t know what happens next.

The Recklessness of Erdogan
Turkish-German Split Widens

Cynical Russian activism, the rise of ISIS, and the disintegration of Syria should be leading Turkey to work more closely with its Western partners in Europe and NATO. Yet Erdogan seems bent on keeping Turkey isolated at a time of rising threats.

Corruption in Brazil
Brazil’s Former President to Be Indicted?

This is big, and possibly very serious news. But the dark cloud may have a silver lining.

The Democratization of Burma
Suu Kyi Kicks the Rohingya

The move toward democracy in Burma was hailed by many of the usual naive Westerners as a fairy tale.

2016 And Beyond
The State of Our Union

The biggest deficits in the United States these days are not the ones grabbing the headlines.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Demographics and 2016

An NPR survey grabbed headlines this week by suggesting a negative “Trump effect” for GOP. A deep dive shows its even worse than that.

Photo of the Day

Russian media unwittingly blows up a misreported story about Putin being the first to sit in a throne heretofore reserved for Byzantine emperors.

A Green Dream

It could take another two years for enough countries to ratify the Paris deal for it to go into effect.

Strategic Diplomacy

South Korea is taking the fight against North Korea’s nuclear program directly to the rogue regime’s business partners.

Battening Down the Hatches

The ongoing persecution is not in China’s national interest; if anything, it may make Christians stronger.

Hail Shale

Cheap oil means cheap gasoline, and American drivers are expected to take full advantage this holiday weekend.

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