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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
Divided They Fall
Brexit and the Weakness of the West

When Americans walk away, Europe tends to fail. The Americans walked away during the Bush and Obama years, and the consequences of that withdrawal are becoming apparent.

demographic transformation
America’s Majority-Minority Future Approaches

Balkanization of American society across ethnic and racial lines will not make it a better place.

The Neverending Conflict
Are the Palestinians Thinking the Unthinkable?

In secret negotiations, Abbas told the Israeli opposition leader he would be willing to give up the “right of return.”

Blue Model Blues
Bond Agencies Take Note

There is a big underlying difference between the financial health of cities that prioritize infrastructure and those that don’t.

White House War on Jobs Making Progress

How the Democratic Party hastens the decline of less-skilled work.

Brexit Countdown
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Making Britain Great Again?

In its current frame of mind, Britain is headed for more decline whether it stays in or leaves the EU. But there’s nothing inevitable about that outcome.

Time to Telework
The New York Times Shows Why the Blue Model Is Doomed

In the long run, people who work at home will not support the cumbersome institutions of the bureaucratic state as we know it.

China in the World
China Trying to Keep Its Venezuelan Pound of Flesh

China is getting an ugly reputation both for extending loans to bad actors and then trying to claw them back from the people the dictators robbed and oppressed.

A Failed Policy
State Department up in Arms over Obama Syria Policy

Never has a President’s policy had so much pushback from his own high officials and appointees. Never has a President defied so much evidence to insist on the unique cerebral brilliance of a policy in ruins.

India Nuke Deal
Thanks, Obama! (And Bush, and Modi)

A bipartisan consensus on bringing India and the United States closer together is a good thing, and has given birth to a process that has been paying dividends. Indeed, it’s how these things are supposed to work.

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immigration wars

A President Hillary Clinton who fulfills her promise to “expand” President Obama’s immigration unilateralism will be playing with fire.

Pricing Emissions

Britain’s decision to leave the EU casts a cloud of uncertainty over the EU’s attempts to fix its carbon market.

We Want Out

More than anything else, Brexit is a sign that both British and EU leaders have lost the benefit of the doubt.

Higher Education Watch

Goldman Sachs is moving to become “school agnostic” in its hiring process.

Begging for Relief

The CEO of Russia’s VTB Bank was in Washington this week, meeting with lawmakers and trying to get sanctions lifted. It’s all part of Putin’s outreach efforts.

America Without A Strategy

The United States is failing to maintain security and free movement in the Pacific.

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