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Karina Orlova
Crying Uncle
Putin’s Boasting Hides His Fear of Sanctions

Outraged by Aleppo, the Obama Administration says it might impose more sanctions on Russia. It should, because sanctions are working.

State Capitalism
Putin’s Crony Gets His (Un)fair Share

The purchase of Bashneft by Rosneft represents one more example of how the “market economy” works in Russia—especially when money is being transferred from one state-owned pocket into another.

Putin's Plutonium Play
Is It a Threat or Desperation?

Look no further than Putin’s list of demands to restart the plutonium deal for proof of how important sanctions relief is to the embattled Russian President.

MH17 Report Fallout
The Kremlin’s Tactical Ambiguity

A more careful look at how Russia is spinning the Dutch report on the Malaysian Airlines tragedy suggests that Putin may be looking for ways to wash his hands of the whole war in Eastern Ukraine.

The KGB is Back
The Siloviki Coup in Russia

Russia’s security services have been slowly taking over the state—and dismantling Putin’s own system of keeping the various factions competing with each other.

The Siloviki Shuffle
And Then There Were None?

The head of the head of the Investigative Committee might be next up on the chopping block.

Siloviki Shuffle
Busted Anti-Corruption Official Cashed Out $120 Million

The FSB’s notorious 6th Service nets itself another victim as it consolidates control over the financial sector protection racket.

Intergenerational Warfare
Russian Pensioners Have Never Lived So Large Before

Russian authorities have authorized a one-time payment to pensioners next year to help in difficult times. The disbursement, however, will at least in part be funded by expropriating today’s workers’ savings.

"Property Rights"
Moscow’s Night of the Long Backhoes: The Sequel

The way Moscow’s mayor has handled the demolition of dozens of kiosks in the city’s center tells us a lot about how personalized politics and corruption in Putin’s Russia works.

From Defense Minister to Eco Envoy
The Rise and Fall of Sergey Ivanov

What could have triggered a trusted ally’s fall from grace? Putin’s paranoid fear of revolutions, heightened after the Turkish coup, is probably a large part of the answer.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Putin's Patronage

The rebound of Russia’s largest oil company appears to be a major success story, but the truth is more complicated.

TAI elsewhere

Jason Willick on the inadequacy of the donor class vision for the Republican Party.

Regulate Don't Kill

Trying to apply blue model thinking to post-blue problems is foolish.

A New Cud to Chew

Feeding cows seaweed could cut out 99 percent of their methane emissions.

Trouble in Brussels

After threatening Putin with new sanctions over Syria, European leaders discover they lack the political will to deliver.

The United States is now going to have to figure out how to help Venezuela avoid completely melting down, with the Venezuelan strongman still at the helm.

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