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Beyond a “Marshall Plan for Ukraine”
Vladislav Inozemtsev is the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow at the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University.
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  • SeaAyeA

    $50 billion more? I’m sure the Ukrainian MPs are very excited about it indeed. I would change the name of the plan anyway. The Marshall plan was an American plan to rebuild friend and foe. Of course it was coupled with the “free trade” gambit, which is all it has ever been, to bribe up an alliance to fight the Cold War…America’s way.

    Where is the $50 billion coming from? If George Soros wants to pay for it alone then go for it buddy. There are a lot of countries in the EU that need $50 billion. Besides, we are not in a cold war, not with Russia and not with China. Don’t even try to say we are because I will dismantle you in about five seconds.

    • Paul Lies

      Reading your comment I can almost see a finger slowly scratching away at the layers of lies and half truths western constituents and audiences are told daily. On the one hand, we are supposed to be very hard (now) on Russia for human rights, censorship, territorial aggression, etc. Really idealistic views and prescriptions. But on the other hand, we simply must keep dealing with the Chinese or pakis or whoever despite worse human rights abuses and worse censorship and other territorial aggressions because of muh pragmatism, or muh realism. (Slowly nods head and drifts into sleep).

      I used to think these people were really smart and trying to take us all for a ride, but I’m simply unsure of that now. Sometimes, listening to the MSM, or reading pieces here and elsewhere, I feel like I have a 387, god-like IQ and that I’m listening to somebody with an room temp IQ. I think these people really get lost in their own thoughts and echo chambers, and they don’t know how silly and inconsistent it sounds. As if it’s not pragmatic to want a working relationship with the only other peer competitor nuclear power, Russia, or why we need to overlook even worse Chinese or Thai or Paki rights abuses and worse censorship because…muh reasons. Sheesh.

      • TNICensorship

        Uh oh? You see his comment was collapsed? Nothing in there needs moderation. TAI need to be reported to censorship watch sites, you think? Or maybe to the spam sites?

        • Paul Lies

          Yeah, not good. But someone flagged it. Don’t see why a TAI mod would flag it when they’re supposed to respond to flaggings. Could be Ukrainian trolls flagging. They are nearly as prevelant as Russian ones. or could just Ukraine MPs wanting the $50bil for all we know.

  • Well, 50 billion dollars? Okay. Why not 100 billion?

    Ну 50 миллиардов долларов? Ну ладно. Почему не 100 миллиардов?

  • Both Ukraine and Russia should join NATO, and work out some kind of plan to jointly administer the Crimean peninsula if possible. This should put an end to most of their current hostilities, as well as hopefully preempt future ones.

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