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Mnangagwa for Mugabe
Hope Deferred for Zimbabwe

As Mugabe’s former right-hand man stands ready to succeed him, hopes for democratic change are colliding with a dire need for economic reform.

Published on: November 21, 2017
Ann Toews is the Lt. Gen. Bernard E. Trainor USMC Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia.
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  • Paul Lies

    Ah Mugabe! That crackpot tinhorn who thought it was a good idea to steal white farmers’ land and give it to entitlists who don’t know a thing about farming-or work-in general. Didn’t even know he was still alive since Zimbabwe is only famous for bad management and worthless money.

    • RAS

      At this point, if they work really hard, perhaps they’ll be able to create a country as nice as Haiti.

  • Jeff77450

    “China is Mnangagwa’s inspiration and model, and this hints at the type of economic transition he might try to emulate.” So many flaws in this idea; where to begin. Compare the culture of China to that of Zimbabwe; compare the average IQ of the Chinese to that of the people of Zimbabwe; compare the incentives to invest in China to the disincentives of investing in Zimbabwe.

    A group with an average IQ of 100 and Enlightenment values handed a functioning country that was a net food exporter over to a group with an average IQ of 70 and who still believe in magic with predictable results. Somewhat similar to a forty-year-old dad handing his Maserati over to his sixteen-year-old son and hoping for the best.

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