Andrew Jackson Still Rules — and Sarah Palin Knows It
Published on: December 4, 2009
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  • Should we be exclusively blaming the brains for alienating the Jacksonians, though? This all seems to me to be just another turn of the culture war screw.

    The elites have finally gotten their candidate in office after two terms of a populist-pleasing president who wasn’t particularly conciliatory to their concerns or sensibilities. Indeed, an argument can be made that the reason we have frothy, riled up Jacksonians today is that after 8 years of Rovian red meat, they’re just suffering withdrawal.

    I take your point that this will need to stop at some point—and it will only stop when we get some kind of unifying, avuncular figure as president who can exude both authenticity and sincerity while still demonstrating a firm enough grasp of policy detail to please the wonks. It’s just that in the wake of the Bush years, I’m not particularly surprised that the elites are relishing kicking down at the very people they think were instrumental in propping up the previous administration.

  • Democracy gives us the policies we want, not the policies we need. The reason the “green” agenda is a hard sell is that it is fundamentally about sacrificing now for the sake of future generations, which no one seems to enjoy doing.

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