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Revolutionary Revisionism
Ukraine’s Bolshevik Shadow

A hundred years after the revolution, Ukraine’s leaders are reshaping its historical legacy to their own political ends. A more honest historical reckoning is needed to move the country forward.

Published on: November 22, 2017
Yevgen Sautin is a History Ph.D. Candidate and a Gates Scholar at the University of Cambridge. Yevgen speaks and reads Chinese and Russian and his research interests span China, Russia, Taiwan, and Ukraine. He tweets at @YSautin.
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  • Leonid

    Who is Mr. (Pu)Sautin? LooksLikeLongReadRussianPropaganda written by someone, who is NOT living in Ukraine and is NOT following the public discussions in the country today. The sentence– “Discussing these dark chapters in Ukrainian history is painful, but it is more constructive than propagating false or simplified narratives” — is a lunacy. The kind of “discussion” is a regular thing these days with the common aim – never again repeating the past disunity.

    • noname nolastname

      This discussion is a regular thing? Right now you can discus only negative about soviet time and heroics. If you want say other then official opinion about Holodomor, or negative point about UPA, Bendera, or Odessa’s murders you done. Sautin 100% right, discuss must be.

    • Пэдро Бандерлогов

      “The kind of “discussion” is a regular thing these days with the common aim – never again repeating the past disunity.”
      You know this is a lie. In Ukraine, now there is only ONE “correct” opinion, and this view is far from the truth, but it allows to keep power by force and deceit.

  • Leonid

    Russian trolls appeared quickly like a fly on the piece of sh… If a person wants to be identified with a nickname “Бандерлогов”, as well as a person “noname” who doesn’t know how to right correctly the name of Stepan B. — then I was 100% correct calling this article a Russian propaganda lunacy. Go ahead Russian trolls, spend time and putin’s money to prove yet another lie…

    • Did you assume judicial authority? Who gave them to you – what are the criteria for the trolls – they do not agree with your opinion?

      Ты присвоил себе судейские полномочия? Кто тебе их дал – какие критерии у троллей – они не согласны с твоим мнением?

      • Leonid

        I assumed freedom of judgement about typical dispaly of Russian troll’s activity.

        • You do not know and you judge.

          Не знаешь и судишь.

  • The author does not say and this is read between the lines – to weaken the influence of modern Russian propaganda directed against Ukraine – and to strengthen the propaganda of Western influence.
    Such as this author flows along the river of lies – substituting the truth with lies, mocking the gloomy and eerie times of the Russian revolution. It would be better to tell how at that time Americans from the expeditionary corps rioted in Russia – “I can not sleep until I kill”, the Russians have not forgotten these murderers and rapists.

    Автор не говорит а это читается между строк – ослабить влияние современной российской пропаганды, направленной против Украины – и усилить пропаганду западного влияния.
    Такие как этот автор плывет по реке лжи – подменяя истину ложью, глумясь над мрачными и жуткими временами русской революции. Лучше бы рассказал, как в это время американцы из экспедиционного корпуса бесчинствовали в России – “не могу уснуть пока не убью”, русские не забыли этих убийц и насильников.

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