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William A. Galston
America Self-Contained? A Symposium
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Obama’s Bumpy Road

Obama will need the courage of his convictions if he is to have a lasting legacy as a foreign policy strategist.

Evolution, Not Revolution

A reply to Walter Russell Mead.

Old, Gray and Here to Stay

Here’s a bold private insurance solution for aging Boomers.

A Mixed Picture

The Obama Administration is a work in progress, and a fair-minded report card would feature far more incompletes than letter grades. Still, one may venture some interim judgments.On the positive side, the President has put in place a competent White House and Executive Branch, which seem to be functioning reasonably smoothly and with no more […]

Intelligent Design

New policies can’t work without innovation in governmental design.

The Great Divide

America’s “red/blue” political divide is real, but both its novelty and significance are overstated.

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Daily Feed
Hugging the News Cycle
The Burgeoning Burgos

Will Mexico be the first to replicate America’s fracking success?

Under Pressure

But this may be more about pressuring Pyongyang than chastising Cairo.

Pressuring Pyongyang

Treasury turns up the heat on Pyongyang’s enablers in Moscow and Beijing.

April 8 2024

This year’s total solar eclipse was fun, but the next one will expose solar power’s biggest weakness.

German Election Watch

With her opponents already on the back foot, Merkel takes aim at the former SDP leader’s Russian business ties.

Poisoning the Well

Turkey’s President Erdogan has declared that all three of Germany’s largest parties are the enemies of Turks.

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