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Bradford Tuckfield
Identity and Art
Paramount Pictures
The Mists of Scorsese’s Silence

The auteur’s latest offering, decades in the making, provides a meditative look at adventure, faith, cultural clashes, and redemption.

Science and Politics
A Hard Future for a Soft Science

Behavioral economics, the science behind governmental “nudging” and studies disparaging conservatives, has run aground. It’s time to reform the field for the benefit of scientists and citizens alike.

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Daily Feed
Hugging the News Cycle
Asia's Game of Thrones

As the Sikkim border standoff festers, Sino-Indian tensions are flaring up in Kashmir.

Stupid Myths

President Trump made reference to a legend about General Pershing and pigs today. It’s untrue, and wouldn’t work. And he shouldn’t be tweeting it.

The North American Energy Boom

Build offshore oil rigs, not walls.

Israeli Red Lines

Israeli officials are increasingly making public their responsibility for airstrikes against Hezbollah in Syria.

Terror in Charlottesville

How could any decent person, much less the leader of the Free World, show such callous indifference to the grotesque violence and racial hatred on display last weekend in Charlottesville?

Building Bridges

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are trying to outmaneuver Iran politically, but helping to rebuild Iraq might be a path to real influence.

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