Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera
The Once and Future Macbeth

Verdi’s opera Macbeth showcases in thrilling music the crux of Shakespeare’s play: that humans have free will, and suffer the consequences.

Published on: September 2, 2017
Bradford Tuckfield is a programmer and writer.
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Too bad most people in the “reclining stadium-style seats with delicious popcorn in provincial red-state backwater towns” are not watching this particular fare.

    • Tom Scharf

      There is nothing more elitist than sneering down at people who don’t go to opera. Opera attendees are truly superior human beings. I wonder why “red-state backwater towns” believe they are being condescended to?

      Have you ever gone to an opera or symphony and turned around and looked at the faces of the audience? Does that look like people having a good time? If you go to a rock concert and turn around what do you see?

      • FriendlyGoat

        I don’t go to opera—–ever, except a little on TV at PBS. The descriptive words I put in quotes were from the article, words I thought odd for the piece. My life background is mostly in places which don’t do much opera, and I suspect we might be a better country if more of it was shown in small-town theaters and more people went.

        As for rock concerts, sure! There are all the recent acts, and a number of 60s and 70s bands still touring. I am more a fan of such things than you imagine. Many country artists too.

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