Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond
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Unintended Consequences
Singapore Slinging

Sometimes, things done for the wrong reasons have a chance of working out well.

Necessary Myth Maintenance
Pioneers of the Next America

The road to renewal in America begins with re-learning how to tell the story of our shared national destiny.

Old Made New
Terror and Charisma

The forms of social authority capable of motivating individuals to engage in acts of violence and terror are not constant across all societies. Differing social structures, as well as different cultures associated with them, affect which modes of persuasion and manipulation work best to generate the worst sorts of behavior.

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The Middle East & Beyond
The “Libya Model”

So exactly what “Libya Model” did John Bolton have in mind?

The Deed Is Done
The Meaning of Withdrawal

Seven key questions to ask about Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Deal.

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China and the US
The National Security State of the Future

How economic competition with China could cause the United States to resemble its adversary.

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The Middle East & Beyond
New Cold War…Not

If we misuse terms, our thinking becomes muddled. Take the suddenly ubiquitous phrase: “new Cold War.”

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After The Strike
The Meaning of “Hard” in Syria

Splitting the Assad-Iranian-Russian coalition cannot wait much longer.

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America's Institutional Health
You Can’t Fix Stupid?

The changes wrought by scientific-technical innovation are far outrunning the capacity of our temperamentally conservative institutions to keep up with them.

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Limited Options
Seriously: A U.S.-Nork Summit Revisited

Why the idea of a Trump-Kim summit has some merit—if handled properly, that is.

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