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Democratic Voters: Party Should Move Left

Genuinely centrist Democrats are in short supply, and the party’s voters seem less determined to elevate them after the election than before.

Democratic Voters Move Left on Abortion

The partisan gap on abortion grew over the last ten years, due largely to the Democrats’ leftward shift.

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Converting the Sultan

Pope Francis visits Egypt at a difficult time for the Christians of the Middle East.

WRM Elsewhere

WRM speaks on the theological underpinnings of American foreign policy.

Policy Shop

The Administration should hold the line on eliminating state and local tax deduction.

Feeding the Future

A wary Chinese public is rejecting GM crops.

Higher Education Watch

University administrations have leaned too far over their skis in an effort to win more guilty findings.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Don’t expect a tough line on Beijing to come out of this year’s summit.

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