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Democrats Push Left as Midterm Campaigns Approach

If you thought that Donald Trump’s victory would impel the Democrats to pivot even modestly toward the center, think again.

Democratic Voters: Party Should Move Left

Genuinely centrist Democrats are in short supply, and the party’s voters seem less determined to elevate them after the election than before.

Democratic Voters Move Left on Abortion

The partisan gap on abortion grew over the last ten years, due largely to the Democrats’ leftward shift.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

It is hard to imagine any other NATO member hosting ships from a navy that is busily building islands in South China sea—not to mention carrying out live-fire drills in the Mediterranean.


It’s not their stated purpose with their latest call to heed production cuts, but it’s what will happen in this new oil reality.

press freedom

The latest Economist/YouGov poll contains grim news about the health of American democracy.

Asian Arms Race

Beijing is launching a new agency, modeled on the Pentagon’s DARPA, to pioneer breakthrough military technology.

Temple Mount Crisis

Israel has removed the metal detectors, but Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is calling for further escalation.

Japanese Politics

Beset by scandals, the beleaguered Prime Minister is losing ground to a rival in the polls.

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