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Higher Education Watch
Higher Education Watch
Cal State Can’t Explain Why It Needs So Many Bureaucrats

The California State Auditor has delivered a damning assessment of the management practices at the single largest university system in the United States.

Higher Education Watch
A New Kind of Campus Left?

Young socialists may eschew the kind of exhausting identity politics that the campus Left is known for.

Higher Education Watch
Samuel J. Abrams
Mind the Professors

How the lack of ideological diversity on college campuses slows progress and threatens the ideals of liberal education.

Higher Education Watch
DeVos Missed the Mark on Politics and Academia

She is right to worry about the political orientation of the academic class and the way it affects our broader public discourse. But the critique she made was not particularly accurate, or productive.

Higher Education Watch
How Much Should the Government Subsidize Harvard?

How the government might restrict the flow of subsidies to selective American universities whose priorities aren’t necessarily in line with the public’s.

Higher Education Watch
Academia Is Its Own Worst Enemy

The campaign for more intellectual diversity in higher education just got an eloquent and influential new champion.

Higher Education Watch
GOP War on Campus PC Goes Off the Rails in Iowa

GOP legislators are beclowning themselves by proposing utterly unworkable solutions that infringe on academic freedom and in any case would make things far worse.

Higher Education Watch
GOP Goes After Tenure

Attacking foul-mouthed tenured radicals who try to turn their classrooms into indoctrination shops is politically popular, but comprehensively reforming public higher education systems is more important.

Higher Education Watch
The Campus Left Grew More Radical During the Obama Years

Efforts to bar speakers from campus appear to be on the upswing.

Higher Education Watch
Could Trump Cut Off Funding from UC Berkeley?

Probably not, but he does have tools at his disposal to hassle campuses for left-wing shenanigans.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

After years of delay, Turkey announces its close to buying advanced air missile defenses from the Russians.


Time to unpack the irony.

Aramco IPO

Beijing is ready to invest in Saudi Aramco.

Venezuela seems headed for a boiling point while Maduro doubles down on Chavismo

Keeping Up With Medvedev

Now that Dmitry Medvedev knows beyond a reasonable doubt that he is being attacked, he will ruthlessly clean house when he gets his hands on the throne. And his enemies know he knows who they are.

Game of Thrones

Japan’s rise, and the reactions it provokes in capitals across the Pacific Rim is one of the key dynamics to watch as the Trump Administration gets its own footing in the region.

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