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Fixing Title IX

Don’t tell men they’re all would-be rapists, or that they all “objectify” women. Neither is true, and they won’t listen to anyone who so claims.

Published on: October 1, 2017
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  • Unelected Leader

    Always so happy that I found an argentine woman who actually likes being a woman. We have a daughter, and she’s gonna be taught no nonsense truth. Good and bad. Not hyperbolic lies about all men being vampires and other bizzare stuff said in anti men literature, including a book that called “Men are Vampires” which my suicidal, militant femi nazi ex coworker laid out in plain sight on her desk. She was incompetent go figure. Wasn’t a coworker for long lol.

    My daughter also won’t be taught professional victimhood and other forms of mental illness. I don’t blame the western guys going to Asia and South America to date. Getting harder and harder to find physically attractive and mentally stable women in NA and EU

  • Ronnie O’Toole

    Excellent article. It is worth noting that Title IX is a peculiarly American debate. In Europe, sexual assault allegations on campus are dealt with by the police, not by college deans. This is not controversial.

  • James_Eric

    Since the author teaches in a military setting, perhaps he
    can appropriate something from Buddhism. The Buddha was a member of the
    military class, and his teachings often reflect this. The most important aspect
    of Buddhism is the disciplinary rules. Adhering to them is likened to putting
    on armor in preparation for battle.

    Buddhism asserts that sexual desire is the source of all
    suffering. A short dialogue between a disciple, Ananda, and the Buddha, Lord,
    admirably sums up the attitude of the early Buddhists:

    Ananda: ‘How should we behave to women?’ Lord: ‘Not to see
    them!’ Ananda: ‘And if we have to see them?’ Lord: ‘Not to speak to them!’
    Ananda: ‘And if we have to speak to them?’ Lord: ‘Keep your thoughts tightly
    controlled’!” (Conze, Buddhism p. 58)

    In the current climate, this might be good advice for young

  • seattleoutcast

    I’ve noticed that feminism disappears when physical work is required.

  • gwallan

    If prison rape is taken into account there are three times as many rapes involving male victims as there are female in the US. The nation prefers to do nothing about this. The US has also been caught engaging in the sexual torture of political prisoners. Part of the deal going into Afghanistan is to enable the re-establishment of the Bacha Bazi trade wherein boys are bought and sold to be sodomised. US soldiers have been court marshaled for trying to stop the rapes of little boys in military premises. The US is also the primary financier of the mass genital mutilation of African boys.

    The sexual abuse of males seems to be your country’s policy.

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