Beyond COIN

The ongoing debate about counterinsurgency tactics is beside the point: American military efforts will continue to founder so long as political goals and military tactics are mismatched.

On the Road to Bamako

Taking a road trip from Dakar to Bamako is sufficient to demolish the premises of the French campaign in Mali.

The Naxalite Rebellions

A modest proposal for more effective U.S. assistance for India’s burgeoning security problem.

Missionary Creep in Egypt

New adventures in America’s faith-based foreign policy.

On Decadence

Decadence may be an inevitable outgrowth of modernity, but it doesn’t necessarily presage decline and fall. Liberty, properly understood as based on self-discipline, is the best bulwark against social and moral decay.

Balancing Iran

Iranian-Turkish history from half a millennium ago bears important advice for the United States today.

Is That Kosher?

The kosher certification industry shows us how the private sector can help the public sector handle complex but critical functions like food safety.

All You Can Eat

Congress’s failure to pass a farm bill this year owes much to a grand but outdated political bargain pairing rural and urban interests.

Family and Faith

We’ve long assumed that fraying families are a natural consequence of secularization. What if it’s the other way around?

The Texas Red Model

Texas is challenging California for the right to be called the harbinger of the nation’s future. How does its claim hold up?

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