The Protestant Deformation

The dominant Protestant worldview of American society shapes U.S. foreign policy–and always has.

The Strange Journey of a Bad Idea

The Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt authored a political philosophy that retains appeal in some surprising places.

The Twilight of the Unipolar World

The American moment is ending as power shifts to Asia and other climes. A new global concert must be built.

For Amusement Only

No pop-culture artifact says “America” better than the pinball machine.

Creating a U.S. Global Health Corps

The United States needs to broaden the way it approaches public diplomacy. Promoting democracy around the world, improving our image among the citizens of lower-income countries, and winning the Global War on Terror require a vigorous and creative effort, and I believe that a focused plan that combines diplomacy with public health can help us […]

The Amazing Bubble-Man

Alan Greenspan leaves the Federal Reserve with the status of a near deity. It is a status that is undeserved.

Debating the Future of the U.S. Economy

A respected economist and successful businessman square off over the U.S. economy

Trade Talk

Trade liberalization has become a hard sell in Washington. Only strong presidental leadership will get U.S. policy back on track.

Making the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Deal Work

United States Department of the Fourth Estate Washington, D.C. 20590 ACTION MEMORANDUMDecember 6, 2005TO: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Advisor Steve HadleyFROM: Lawrence Korb and Peter OgdenSUBJECT: Winning Congressional Support for the “Global Partnership” with IndiaSince 9/11, Congress has exerted little influence on major Bush Administration foreign policy initiatives and defense spending […]

Food For Thought: A Capital Guide to Breakfast

To eat well in Britain, Somerset Maugham observed in those imperial days before Indian and Chinese restaurants and Elizabeth David and designer chefs had contrived to transform the culinary habits of a nation, it was necessary to eat breakfast three times a day. And what breakfasts they were, the sizzling bacon and the plump sausages, […]

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