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How to Make Sanctions on Russia Work

Our prevailing approach to sanctions has manifestly failed to change the Kremlin’s behavior. There is a better way.

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combatting corruption
Two to Tango: Attacking the Demand Side of Bribery

If the United States wants to get serious about tackling corruption, it needs to align itself with international norms and finally criminalize passive bribery.

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Swiss Populist
The Trump Before Trump

Christoph Blocher has turned Switzerland into a laboratory for right-wing populism. How did he do it, and what can we learn from him?

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Iran’s Proxy Wars
Rouhani’s Threat to Shut the Strait of Hormuz—More Than Bluster?

There are reasons—and historical precedent—to think Tehran will lash out if it feels cornered.

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Yellow Fever
Macron’s Malaise Speech

Market reforms are vital to France’s long-term prosperity. They won’t happen until Macron changes his leadership style.

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Paris Burning
France Doesn’t Have Enough Cops

The Gilets Jaunes say they can’t take it anymore. They’re not the only ones.

America’s “Late 1940s Moment”
Time to Push Back Against the Revisionists

China and Russia are pushing a reluctant West to re-examine its most cherished assumptions about the shape of the global order.

Intelligence Failure
Bumbling Russian Spies and Clumsy Russian Spy Services

As a high-profile Russian suspect prepares to plead guilty to conspiracy charges, Putin appears to clean house at home.

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U.S.-China Relations
The Wireless Great Power Rivalry

Don’t be fooled by cheery tweets about trade breakthroughs. The Huawei arrest shows that the Trump Administration’s wheels are turning toward full-blown competition with China.

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The View from Warsaw
From Pole to Pole: The Rise and Fall of Liberal Poland

A tale of cultural division and political reality along the Vistula.

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