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Working It Out
Debunking Economic Piety

Oren Cass explains why a focus on consumption has led our economic policy astray, and how we can create a labor market that puts workers first. (A transcript from our podcast.)

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March of Folly
The Irony and Tragedy of the Brexit Negotiations Endgame

It’s not too late. The folly of Brexit is still reversible.

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Refuting the Doomsayers
Resilient Democracies

Those who look to the interwar period to warn of democratic breakdown today are indulging in a false historical analogy—and drawing far gloomier conclusions than the evidence merits.

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The Latest Migration Crisis
Why More Caravans Are Coming

Remittances set off vicious cycles of debt and crime that push more Central Americans north.

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Working It Out
Hack Job

A new book on the future of work suffers grievously from confirmation bias. The author sees what she wants to see, not because of but despite the relevant data.

Private & Public
Three Moral Economies of Data

A new way for thinking about how governments and societies choose to address the political, economic, and social implications of data and data-driven artificial intelligence.

The New Battlefield
Chronicles of the Meme War

A new book offers a revealing look into how social media has been “weaponized” by nefarious actors—even if it doesn’t show how the genie can be put back into the bottle.

Compelled or Cajoled?
The Criminal Responsibility of Opioid Addicts

Many have argued that opioid addicts have no meaningful choice about whether to use and so cannot be held criminally responsible for their actions. This is simply not true.

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Turkish-Saudi Rivalry
Behind the Khashoggi Affair

The conflict between Turkey and Saudi Arabia is about more than just geopolitics. It’s about ideology—and survival.

A Conversation
Going After the Enablers

We sat down with Bill Browder to talk about how many Western lawyers, bankers, and financiers—the enablers of foreign kleptocrats and human rights abusers—have a lot to worry about with the passage of the Global Magnitsky Act.

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