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Duplicity as Diplomacy
Here We Go Again

Once again the U.S. government appears to be taking Pakistani promises about combatting terror at face value.

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The Emerging Future
European Politics Is Turning French

The collapse of the Right-Left divide and the particular weakness of the Left are native to France, and now increasingly to all of Europe.

The New India
Hindutva à la Modi

When Narendra Modi first came to power, many predicted he would usher in a new era of Hindu nationalism in India. Four years later, what does the record show?

Global Social Conservatism
The Reality of Russian Soft Power

Vladimir Putin may be cynically exploiting a social conservative message to stay in power. That doesn’t mean his message does not have a legitimate appeal—both among Russians and abroad.

A Conversation at PutinCon
How To Deal with Putin

As Vladimir Putin begins another six-year term as President, TAI asked the attendees of the PutinCon conference how to handle the Russian leader.

Liberal Blues
Springtime for Autocrats

The new caudillos are on the rise, and we’re likely to see more of them unless the West can find a way to push back.

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Pressuring Putin
The West Must Step Up Russia Sanctions

The Trump Administration’s newest sanctions are another step in the right direction. But after the attack in the UK, much more can and should be done to deter Moscow.

My Lai at Fifty
Learning to Forget, Forgetting to Learn

Tim O’Brien’s In the Lake of the Woods shined a harsh light on our country in the wake of the Vietnam War.

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Unstable Regimes
The Succession Dilemma

From Ankara to Beijing to Moscow, the world’s powerful autocrats are consolidating personalized control with no clear succession plan—a trend that portends greater internal and international volatility.

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Sellout or Saving Grace?
A Vatican-China Deal—But at What Cost?

The deal reportedly in the works between Beijing and the Church could ease the burden on Chinese Catholics, but for some the price may be too high.

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