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European Disunion
Catalonia and the Malady of Democracy

Spain’s present troubles are a reflection of the challenges facing liberal democracy throughout the West.

Russia & The West
Thinking Long-Term About Ukraine’s Defense

Moscow is planning for a long campaign in Ukraine. We should be too.

What Europe Needs to Do
Justin Tallis – Pool/Getty Images
Five Priorities for Europe’s Transatlantic Strategy

Europe needs to step up its game in terms not just of its own regional security but global security as well.

Reactive Measures
The Russian Interference Racket

Moscow’s 2016 election interference demands a serious and sober response. Instead we are getting an uninformed hysteria, empowering partisans and posers alike.

North Korea
The Stumbling Block to Putin’s Asian Pivot

Putin needs new allies in Asia as leverage against both China and the United States, but Russia’s policies on the DPRK make that all but impossible.

A War Without Precedent
JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images
The Next Hizballah-Israel Conflict

There are signs of war on the horizon, and it could be the most destructive one yet.

The Middle East
How to Manage Post-Democracy Turkey

The U.S. must be patient but take a firm line to curb Erdogan’s worst impulses.

John Moore/Getty Images
Getting Rid of La Raza

The government should not be in the business of funding ethnic factions, which only reinforce the power of the elites.

liberal blind spots
The Militant Pragmatism of Hillary Clinton

We tend to think of militants as only existing on the far Left or Right. But perhaps the biggest problem for pragmatists in American politics is that they are developing a militancy of their own.

Advice for US Policymakers
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
The South Asian Vortex

Managing Afghanistan and Pakistan will be no picnic as Islamist threats and China loom. India could be a promising partner for the United States, but even it requires skillful handling.

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Daily Feed
Hugging the News Cycle

Pretty much everyone: Iraqi Kurdistan’s neighbors threaten devastating responses as Kurds head to the polls.

higher ed in turmoil

An NYT op-ed proposes that rioters ought to be granted control over what events may and may not be held on college campuses.

Oh Snap

Is Shinzo Abe repeating the mistakes of Theresa May?

Setting Sun

President Trump now has the option to levy import tariffs on solar panels that caused “serious injury” to U.S. producers.

the new culture wars

The policy that set in motion a fierce culture war over young people, sex, and the meaning of consent is no more.

Rogue Nations

Trump’s simultaneous confrontation of Pyongyang and Tehran could have unintended consequences.

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