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Graphic by Danielle Desjardins
Hope vs. Fear
The Star Wars Theory of History

Jon Meacham’s new book casts U.S. history as a battle between the forces of darkness and light, with all-powerful Presidents dueling for the nation’s soul.

Opening Bids
Europe’s Campaign Season Is Just Beginning

The spat between France and Italy has become the template for the European electoral battle to come—a fight for the soul of the European Union.

Jan Matejko, “Stańczyk” via Wikimedia Commons
Putinism Revisited
The Futile Search for a Russian Ideology

Western Russia-watchers are mistaking the ramblings of a self-promoting apparatchik for a coherent articulation of the Kremlin’s ideology. Don’t believe the hype.

Photo by Ian Cochrane via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Democracy in Africa
Nigeria at the Ballot Box

As elections loom in Africa’s most populous country, a timely new book dispels common myths about Nigeria’s democracy—and reveals the broader stakes for the continent.

The Transatlantic Alliance Adrift
A Conservative Case for German Leadership in Europe

The future of the Transatlantic alliance depends on Berlin taking a more active role in asserting its interests and values.

Lights Out For Nord Stream 2?
The EU May Have Just Put an End to Russia’s Pipeline Project

Russia’s capacity to play pipeline games may have just been effectively curtailed.

Peter Paul Rubens, “Prometheus Bound” (Public Domain)
The Modern Project
The Crisis of Modern Science

As the modern scientific project increasingly allows us to manipulate our own natures, it is awakening challenges and paradoxes to which there are no simple answers.

The Hidden Leader
Sebastian Kurz and the Fate of Europe

The weakness of both Macron and Merkel has opened the door to another player on the European chessboard: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Wikimedia Commons
Clash of Rivals
The China Dream: Their Goals and Ours

Though the personalities of individual leaders have certainly intensified Sino-American competition, the expectation that China would become a “responsible stakeholder” in a U.S.-led global order was never realistic.

Greed, Pieter Brugel the Elder (Public domain, via WikiArt)
A Conversation with Louise Shelley
Shining a Light on “Dark Commerce”

A leading expert on transnational crime and corruption discusses how illicit trade, money laundering, and the dark web are undermining our democracy.

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