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Summer of Summitry
The Putin Moment

The Helsinki summit may represent a triumph of sorts for Putin and his worldview, but it’s not likely to be a long-lasting one.

Face to Face
There Is No Art of the Deal in Helsinki

There is no “grand bargain” on Syria and Ukraine on offer. Not even a smaller one—just focusing on Syria—is likely to work.

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Reframing Gauguin
The Skeletons in the Gallery

How should audiences—and art institutions—grapple with the immoral legacies of great artists?

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What Will Happen If the United States Leaves Syria?

The stakes of Monday’s discussion in Helsinki are high—especially for U.S. policy in Syria.

Countdown to Helsinki
When Trump Meets Putin

Eight experts share their perspectives on what to expect and hope for from the U.S.-Russia summit.

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Putin's Next Play
From Penalty Kicks to Pensions

With the World Cup winding down, Putin has a far more difficult task ahead: selling the public on deeply unpopular retirement reforms.

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Diplomacy and Human Rights
Swagger Is as Swagger Does

If Secretary Pompeo wants to get the State Department’s swagger back, he could start by reaffirming our commitment to human rights—especially to Vladimir Putin.

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Trump Meets Putin
The Limits of US-Russian Summitry

No matter how fulsome the spirit of bonhomie in Helsinki might be, fundamental differences in U.S. and Russian interests and perspectives sharply limit the possibilities of finding common ground. Nevertheless, an emerging disconnect in Russian and Iranian interests in Syria might conceivably create an opening for a limited Russian-American understanding there.

The Brussels Summit
NATO’s Binary Moment

Will U.S. and European officials start seeing eye to eye about NATO obligations, or will this summit mark the beginning of the end?

Transatlantic Ties
Rethinking European Integration

For Washington, European integration has always been a means to an end—but today there is little nuanced debate about what kind of Europe would benefit America most.

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