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Walter Russell Mead
Editor-at-large, The American Interest Online.
Confirmation from Gallup: Democrats Behind for 2010

Rasmussen polls have long shown the GOP with a slight advantage on the “generic ballot” question asking voters whether they support unnamed Democratic or Republican candidates for congress.  In general, because Rasmussen polls “likely voters” rather than adults, it tends to get numbers that are a little more Republican and conservative than polls focusing on […]

Cuban Blogger Beaten By “Revolutionary” Thugs

I strongly believe that the United States should lift our embargo against Cuba.  It’s long been the strategic goal of the Castro regime to keep the embargo up both for propaganda purposes and to keep the island’s population as dependent on the state as possible.  We should stop helping them.However we should do this with […]

Boston Marriage

John Judis is one of America’s smartest liberal thinkers; this isn’t just because he has a Gigantic Brain, which he does.  It’s also because he makes smart choices about what to think about.  In a short piece in The New Republic, he looks at what he calls the ‘anti-statist’ tradition in America, the dislike and […]

The Vatican Investigates Alien Life

One sign of an apocalyptic age like ours is the frequency with which news headlines read like science fiction.  This story from the AP describes a scientific conference held under the auspices of the Vatican Observatory and ending yesterday at which a group of scientists examined the evidence for extra-terrestrial life.The article takes all the […]

The Execution of John Allen Mohammed

John Allen Mohammed was killed by the State of Virginia tonight.  He received a lethal injection at 9:06 and was declared dead at 9:11.I don’t have anything against the death penalty.  I realized that nineteen years ago on a visit to Auschwitz.  In front of a killing chamber where Jews and other victims were gassed […]

Corruption Costs $1.6 Trillion Per Year

How much do crooked politicians and others steal every year?Nobody really knows, of course, but as the BBC reports today, the UN estimates that $1.6 trillion each year is stolen each year and moved across national borders. Tragically, much of this money is stolen from poor countries.  It is bread taken out of the mouths […]

Armed and Dangerous NGOs

Somali pirates are now firing on ships hundreds of miles from shore, extending their range of operations deep into the Indian Ocean.  Flush with ransom payments from past operations, the pirates are able to buy increasingly sophisticated weapons and ships.It’s likely that we will see more of this.  Al-Qaeda was the first modern NGO to […]

Green Scares and Red Scares

Those worried that they were too young to experience the joys of the Cold War can now wrap themselves in the excitement of the contemporary equivalent of Cold War ‘red scares’: fears that communists were infiltrating the American government and other institutions.Today’s version is the “green scare”; fears that radical religious extremists of the Islamic […]

Turkey Does the Right Thing – Again

The BBC reports this morning that Sudan’s odious president Omar al-Bashir has suddenly discovered some pressing business at home that will prevent him from attending this week’s Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) summit in Turkey.Bashir, indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the ongoing war in Darfur, had earlier been expected to attend.  This […]

The Triumph of Capitalism

Twenty years ago I was in a cafe in Rio de Janeiro, eating breakfast and looking at the morning paper.In those days, you couldn’t get the English language newspapers until much later in the day in Rio; neither was the internet much use as a news source.So I was drinking some strong Brazilian coffee (“hot […]

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