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Jason Willick
Jason writes about domestic politics, policy and social issues for TAI. You can follow him on Twitter @jawillick.
Policy Shop
The High-End Tax Break That Needs to Go

Capping the state and local tax deduction would improve the quality of blue state governance.

motivated reasoning
Liberals Are Just as Biased as Conservatives, Study Finds

Political bias is not a conservative trait, it turns out, but a human one, and it afflicts both sides in equal measure.

Donald Trump's World
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
The Case for Placebo Politics

It may not be the worst thing for some of America’s political energies to be redirected to the realm of style and symbolism.

democracy in crisis
The Senate Detonates

The nuclear option may have been unavoidable, but that doesn’t make this moment any less momentous.

Political Decay
The Stakes of the Gorsuch Showdown

Senate Democrats’ procedural escalation stands to inflict lasting damage on the Supreme Court and the rule of law itself.

the Supremes
Nuke the Filibuster to Save the Supreme Court

A nuclear response would be necessary to save the Supreme Court as an institution.

charge the cockpit?
PC: Myriam Thyes via Wikimedia.
The Real Reason California Turned Blue

The liberal tilt of minority voters doesn’t by itself account for the magnitude of California’s Democratic supermajority.

the high court
Why the Gorsuch Hearings Are Boring

Our polarized constitutional system requires superficial answers at confirmation hearings.

technology and politics
Social Media: Savior of Democracy, or Nemesis?

During the Arab Spring, it looked like social media would create democracies abroad. Today, it looks like social media is undermining democracy here at home.

the future of law
CAMBRIDGE, MA – MAY 10: The entrance to Harvard Law School campus is seen May 10, 2010 on the Harvard University Law School Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. U.S. President Barack Obama announced today the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan, former Harvard Law School Dean from 2003-2009, to the Supreme Court succeeding retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)
Why Did Harvard Scrap the LSAT?

What the prestigious law school’s decision says about changes in the American legal landscape.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

After years of delay, Turkey announces its close to buying advanced air missile defenses from the Russians.


Time to unpack the irony.

Aramco IPO

Beijing is ready to invest in Saudi Aramco.

Venezuela seems headed for a boiling point while Maduro doubles down on Chavismo

Keeping Up With Medvedev

Now that Dmitry Medvedev knows beyond a reasonable doubt that he is being attacked, he will ruthlessly clean house when he gets his hands on the throne. And his enemies know he knows who they are.

Game of Thrones

Japan’s rise, and the reactions it provokes in capitals across the Pacific Rim is one of the key dynamics to watch as the Trump Administration gets its own footing in the region.

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