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The Global China Bubble
The Global China Bubble
China Up or China Down?

The foundations of international Chinese expansion are probably even shakier than those of a retreating West.

The Global China Bubble
Is China Overreaching In Africa?

Even if China doesn’t pull back, Nigeria has a tough road ahead.

The Global China Bubble
China’s Grim Outlook

Top economists now say 4-6 percent growth is an optimistic scenario for China. That means the global economy is headed for an even more difficult time than people thought.

The Global China Bubble
China Goes on a Global Shopping Spree

Chinese firms can invest elsewhere because of China’s decades of success, but that doesn’t explain why they’re doing so with such urgency now.

The Global China Bubble
China’s Slowdown Hits Germany

China’s slowdown is hurting not just commodities exporters, but also high-quality capital goods manufacturing powers like Germany.

The Global China Bubble
China’s World Bank Competitor Holds Its First Meeting

The AIIB is launched against the backdrop of a diminishing China.

The Global China Bubble
African Exports to China Plummet

Even if China manages to slow its fall, it won’t be as hungry as it used to be.

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Crude Economics

OPEC and co. hardly have a choice in the matter.

Asia's Game of Thrones

China is moving closer to replacing the United States as a key Pakistani ally.

The Future

Here’s some fodder for your next dinner party.


Hint: It involves leaflets, psy-ops, and calls from Mom.

Libyan Afterparty

America’s top general in Africa has confirmed that Russia is up to new tricks in Libya.


As if holding back America’s schools wasn’t enough….

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