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Immigration Crisis

The implosion of Libya and poverty throughout Africa have induced at least hundreds of thousands to flee their homes in search of a better life. Their untold stories of hardship, exploitation and sometimes death represent the true costs of a mess in large part created by a lack of vision and leadership in both Washington and Brussels.

Honey vs. Vinegar

China is set to inject $62 billion of its massive forex reserves into its regional development initiative, investing in its future and hoping to win over its neighbors—putting Team Obama’s “pivot to Asia” gambit under pressure.

Hail Shale

A new fracking fluid could make drilling greener and bring costs down. Don’t bet against American innovation.

The Mess in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is fortifying vulnerable domestic sites amid unspecified threats that “terrorists” might attack a shopping mall or even energy infrastructure.

Land of the Rising Gun

Japan hosts its first arms show, ever. But the public has not yet lined up behind Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to overcome decades of institutionalized pacifism.

immigration nations

Recent humanitarian tragedies in Africa show that immigration isn’t just an American or European issue, but a global one.

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