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Russia and the World
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Putin’s Russia: A Moderate Fascist State

By standard scholarly definition, Russia today is not an illiberal democracy: It is an early-stage fascist state.

Year In Review
The Losers of 2016

2016 wasn’t just about winning. For a lot of people, and not a few ideas, 2016 was a year for losing. As the world settles into the Age of Trump, here is our list of the Biggest Losers of 2016.

Pumphrett Plights His Troth

Volume four of The Pumphrett Papers.

Inauguration Day
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A Case of Schizophrenic Fear

Should we wish Trump a successful presidency?

Year In Review
The Winners of 2016

2016 was all about winning; Donald Trump promised that if the American people put him in the White House, we would win so much we would get tired of winning. Whatever happens next, there is no doubt that the Orange One was the mega-winner of the year. 2016 will always be remembered as the year that Donald Trump, a political novice and reality television show host, cut the legs off America’s two most powerful political dynasties and flabbergasted the establishments of both political parties.

Trump broke all the rules; he had less money than his principal opponents in both the primary and the general election campaigns. He trampled over the normal conventions, survived blunders that would have sunk other candidates, and turning the hatred of the media and the political and cultural establishments into a major asset.

But if Donald Trump dominated the year, he wasn’t the only winner in one of the most eventful and surprising years in recent memory. Here is our take on who else left their mark on 2016.

Eat the Press
Will Tweety Eat Sylvester?

Why is the President-elect so good at getting the media to chase their own tails?

Religion and Atheism
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The Anatomy of the Gruesome

What are the minimal experiences that lead one to suspect there may be something to religion after all?

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Truth in the Age of Trump

No one who backed Trump has any excuse for being surprised by what he does. We all know who and what he is.

Failing the Grade
California’s Self-Inflicted Educational Crisis

It isn’t hard to explain why the Golden State has a public school teacher shortage, and it should be just as easy to fix the problem.

Religious Freedom
America’s Village Atheists

How the history of atheism in America illuminates the country’s religious, and irreligious, future.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Asia's Game of Thrones

The Trump Administration is likely to comply.

demographic transformation

The millennial urban boom may be coming to a close. This could have major consequences for America’s politics and geography.

A Heavy Lift

No, probably not. But President Trump may have trouble lifting them in the first place.

Delivering on Promises

TPP, NAFTA, and a special deal with the UK: Trump’s first week will be a busy one.

WRM in the WSJ

Eliot Cohen’s new book presents a nuanced and compelling defense of hard power.


Regular readers know the answer: not very effective at all.

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