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Walter Russell Mead
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Yule Blog
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Rolling the Credits

The traditional Via Meadia Yule Blog continues today, Boxing Day, with the second of the Thirteen Posts of Christmas. From Christmas through to Twelfth Night, we explore the Christmas story and the ideas behind the celebration.

Yule Blog
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Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas and happy holiday to all!

UN Vote on Settlements Can’t Hide Palestinian Collapse

No vote in the echo chamber of the Security Council can change the fact of Palestinian weakness and Israeli strength at this pivotal moment in world history.

Yule Blog
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The Thirteen Blogs of Christmas: 2016-17 Edition

It’s Christmas Eve today and time for the oldest tradition at Via Meadia, going back to 2009: our annual Yule Blog when we update and present our thirteen posts of Christmas running from the preparatory Advent blog on Christmas Eve through Twelfth Night. During the holiday season, we will blog on a light holiday schedule through New Year’s Day. On January 2 we will be back at full force.

Policies Have Consequences
The Amazing Blinkered European Elites

The radical populists across Europe are wrong about many things, but they are right about this: governments that can’t protect their frontiers aren’t worthy of the name.

Obama's Legacy
The Democrats Turn on Obama

Almost everywhere you look, the gap between Obama’s stirring rhetoric and his underwhelming accomplishments is immense.

Obama's Pivot
Thailand Gets Cozy with China

The Obama Administration misjudged Asian politics as profoundly (if not quite quite as spectacularly) as it misjudged the Arab Spring.

Assassination in Ankara
What the Murder of the Russian Ambassador Might Mean

It’s probably not Sarajevo 1914 all over again. But don’t be so sure that this event will bring the Russians and Turks together, either.

Ponzi Scam
Congress and the Coming Pensions Crisis

Any kind of federal pension relief needs to be tied to reforms that ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Tightening the Belt
Russia No Longer A Top 5 Defense Spender

Russia is increasingly flexing its military muscle on the world stage these days, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the raw numbers.

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To Russia With Love

Standing beside Putin in Moscow, Moldova’s newly elected president rebuked the EU and gave fresh proof of his intention to pivot toward Russia.

TAI elsewhere

Our own Josef Joffe takes stock of the President-elect’s recent interviews and the likely implications of Trumpist policy on Europe and the world.

sex on campus

How the Trump administration could shake up the campus sex wars.

France 2017

Le Pen’s description of the Euro as a “knife in the ribs” forcing countries to go where their people don’t want to go is sadly accurate.


…potentially at its own peril.

Rebuilding America

If the GOP can strike the right balance, Americans will be surprised by how well public-private partnerships can work.

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