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Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond
The Middle East and Beyond
What the MSM Is Failing to Tell You

The missing context behind the recent Hizballah attacks on Israel, and ISIS attacks on Saudi Arabia.

About Politics
The State of the Campaign

The State of the Union address had nothing to do with governing, everything to do with political posturing—with a mediated-image twist.

The Crystal Ball
Seven Shocking Possibilities for the Middle East in 2015

Prognostication is always a mug’s game, and nowhere more so than in the Middle East. Nevertheless, it’s a fun game to play, especially when the subject is a region so poorly understood by the U.S. mainstream media that it frequently gets blindsided by events.

Presidential Language
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Be It Resolved

In the course of an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep released earlier this week, President Obama tried to flatter the Supreme Leader and other assorted higher-ups in Tehran. Will it work?

A Holiday in Poetry and Prose

The story of Hanukah—the “Sunday School” version, and what really happened.

Truth and Lies
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The Tortured Report

The Senate’s torture report is a difficult document to parse—especially if you don’t have the proper historical context and knowledge.

The Middle East and Beyond
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Of Humanitarian Zones, Ghost Soldiers, Kurdish Ways, and Calculating Mullahs

Iran, not the Islamic State, is at the core of our strategic problem set. Understanding that is key to understanding some of the big stories to come out of the Middle East in recent days.

Seasonal Markers
Tolerance, Forgiveness, and Gratitude

A Thanksgiving meditation.

A Response to Peter Berger
Cross-Cultural Atheism and Social Capital

If pluralization depletes social capital, then might cross-cultural non-believers find some way to join together to create new forms of social capital, both in situ and virtually via the internet for example?

You Tell Me It's the Institution?
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More Good News from the Middle East

The brighter side of the not-so-good headlines dominating the news.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Sub Club

India wants Japan to throw its hat in the ring for a big new submarine deal.

Blue Meltdown

Detroit is foreclosing on homes whose owners failed to pay property taxes. This is the ugly state of the Great Society in many cities today: corruption and dysfunction funded by injustice.

Middle East Aflame

As Sunnis and Shiites massacred each other in two prominent American-allied nations, the cost of our lack of leadership grows.

Achilles' Heel

The Greeks have put Syriza in Athens, but they’re also putting their money in German banks.

Xi's All That

China is cracking down on Google, Microsoft, and VPNs, the services people can use in China to penetrate the Great Firewall.


2014 was a bad year for Gazprom, but 2015 could be worse.

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