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Uber Alles
Uber Alles
Uber Takes the Next Step

Uber’s self-driving cars are coming!

Uber Alles
Laissez-Faire Lefties

Even left-leaning participants in the gig economy are strongly opposed to new taxes and regulations.

Uber Alles
To Be or Not to Be (Employees)

A jury will decide once and for all whether 160,000 Uber drivers in California are independent contractors, as the company contends, or traditional employees, as the plaintiff in the class action suit argues.

Uber Alles
Who Will Be The Party of Uber?

For Republicans to reap the full rewards of backing the gig economy they have to do more than just cheer deregulation; they also need a positive vision for what a social system of support looks like for workers.

Uber Alles
Uber Summons Higher Power in Europe

Uber takes its case all the way to Brussels, even as it fights a challenge in its own backyard.

Uber Alles
French Cabbies: No Égalité for Uber

French protests against Uber show how poorly the country is adjusting to the new economy. But clinging to an old economic system won’t propel France forward.

Uber Alles
London Regulator Rules in Uber's Favor

Despite recent protests, London regulators have decided Uber can continue operating in the city. But the fight isn’t over yet.

Uber Alles
Taxi Protests Hit DC

Yesterday taxi drivers angry over Uber held up traffic over D.C. The result? Paying customers trying to hail taxis had a harder time finding them.

Uber Alles
Seattle Surrenders to the Uber Revolution

Seattle has reversed the cap it put on Uber drivers in March. This is a concession that will make the world greener, raise salaries, and make consumers happier all at one.

Uber Alles
Working for Uber Could Supersize Your Salary

Uber drivers are making big bucks—in the case of full-time drivers in NYC, the median wage is shockingly close to six figures. Who says the coming service economy is all bad?

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Risky Business

The Long March toward a Chinese meltdown continues.

Make NATO Great Again

Is this the Trump effect?

Terror in the Philippines

The Philippine president cut short his Russia trip to deal with a terrorist outbreak at home.

The Nork's Nukes

As North Korea’s missile progress proceeds apace, the U.S. is coming ever closer to a binary choice: war with North Korea or acceptance of its deterrent.

cost cost cost

A state-run insurance system would cost more than California spends on all other public services—education, police, pensions, and more—combined.

Energy Innovation

How close are renewables to a shale-like boom?

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