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Uber Alles
Uber Takes the Next Step
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  • Jim__L

    “It will be harder to complain that the company isn’t paying health
    benefits for its drivers when Uber cars aren’t driven by anyone.”

    Um, why would it be harder to complain about Uber not paying people if it isn’t paying people?

    When Uber broke the monopoly of the cab drivers and let anyone make some extra money driving other people around, Uber was a hero. Do you seriously think it’s going to keep being the hero now?

  • Greg Olsen

    The Left strives for stasis. The may claim the mantle of “Progressive” but in fact the goal sought is a static utopia. Schumpeterian creative destruction is progress. Were it not for innovation, standards of living would not be as high.

  • Boritz

    The railroad workers union succeeded in keeping “firemen”, the people who once shoveled coal or wood onto the fire of a steam locomotive, employed for many years into the diesel/electric age. They would ride along with the engineer and get a paycheck like old times. Uber could still be required to keep drivers in their cars. It’s not the least bit fanciful.

  • M Snow

    I’m glad I don’t live in Pittsburgh. The thought of being on the road with a bunch of driverless cars is just plain scary.

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