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Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows
Turkey and Russia Troll NATO in the Black Sea

Though there are limits to Putin and Erdogan’s “Potemkin friendship”, these kinds of actions will have consequences.

Strange Bedfellows
Israel’s Diplomatic Push in the Middle East

The Israelis are reaching out to Arabs, Africans and Europeans to work out matters of common concern.

Strange Bedfellows
Egyptian FM Makes Surprise Trip to Jerusalem, Pushes Peace

Israeli-Gulf Arab is key to understanding the Middle East today.

Strange Bedfellows
Bibi Bats Eyelashes at the Saudis

Despite the peace conference opening in Paris today, the best hope for Mid-East peace rests with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Strange Bedfellows
Backdoor Ratification

More signs of a thaw: a deal with Egypt makes Saudi Arabia responsible for part of the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

Strange Bedfellows
Grand Bargain Afoot Between Turkey, Israel, and Gulf Arabs?

A declaration from Ankara opens a door—but a regional anti-Iran coalition would be very tough to pull off.

Strange Bedfellows
Israel to Lift Blockade in Return for Hamas Ceasefire

The deal, if real, could be a sign that the Sunnis and Israelis are getting seriously close to a united front against Iran.

Strange Bedfellows
China Sends Russia Love but Not Money

Beijing is not letting its feelings get in the way of good business.

Strange Bedfellows
Turkey's Spymaster Meets Imprisoned PKK Chief, Promises Peace

A secret meeting between a Turkish spymaster and a Kurdish militant leader on a prison island—it’s a dramatic scene, and a promising sign of rapprochement between two old enemies.

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Crude Economics

The decision to extend production cuts was as predictable as it was desperate.

deep state

The Manchester leaks are the product of a dangerously arrogant and unaccountable intelligence community.

Better Late Than Never

More, please.


The share of people who benefit from the stock market should be widening, not contracting.

Market Failure

The EU’s ailing Emissions Trading System is looking more useless than ever before.

Settled Science

Our worst-case climate scenarios are relying on outdated, incorrect coal data.

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