Strange Bedfellows
China and Pakistan: Friends or Not?

These days, China and Pakistan are eager to proclaim a friendship that is “sweeter than honey.” Yet as history shows, the partnership has always been a superficial one.

Published on: March 8, 2018
B. J. Sadiq is a British Pakistani author, columnist and alumnus of Cambridge University. His latest book, Let There Be Justice: The Political Journey of Imran Khan was published in the UK last year.
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  • Fat_Man

    I think the Chinese Pakistani friendship has a strong basis in their mutual loathing of the United States. The only real question is when will the United States will figure out that those two countries are our enemies?

    • Sapientis

      United States is the enemy of all muslims.This is evident form US invasions of several muslim countries where US has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.Currently US is occupying Jordan,Kuwait,UAE ,Qatar and Bahrain.It has military bases in these countries against the wishes of the locals.These bases will be used to attack muslim countries.

      • Micah718

        Don’t even get me started on the Jews.

    • sami shahid

      Nobody is an enemy of USA rather USA is an enemy of every one. Eliminate all sanctuaries of anti Pakistan terrorists in Afghanistan.

    • Safar Shah

      Pakistan or China is not the enemy of USA. They are just trying to develop and have a policy that protect their own people. On the other hand US government is the biggest enemy of its own people and mainly work for the Israeli interest.

  • Sapientis

    The author has written a lot of trash here.The American have done nothing for Pakistan except to put sanctions on it.America did provide aid but it is used as blackmail.China has helped Pakistan is fields such as nuclear power stations,defense production,railways etc.America will never transfer any technology to Pakistan.America is giving India the latest technology.American will never transfer technology to any muslim country whereas China and Russia will.

    • sami shahid

      It’s a total trash… these people want to keep us with them at the same time when they are ignoring us.

    • Diana

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  • sami shahid

    Lol… is he writing what he feels or has he asked any Pakistani about what they feel about Chinese. Chinese are good people who give respect to locals. You will see them on bicycles and taxis as well. Not every pakistani is good at English and Chinese are married to Pakistanis and this trend has actually increased. Pakistani Foreign ministry is not obsessed with India rather India and US are obsessed with Pakistan-China friendship. As for CPEC projects, till now they have been completed on time. The trade deficit is due to wrong policies of Pakistan which it is trying to correct and we will even start the trade in yuan which will help us save our foreign reserves. The arguement of $60b not coming to Pakistan is because Chinese are not giving that money to our politicians rather their own private & state owned companies will invest it.

  • Biased

    Ah! the Coconut Sahib from Cambridge declares the 2-3 centuries of colonial slavery as a “200-year colonial honeymoon”!!! Really Sadiq? Do the Paks have common ground with the Brexiteering British? Kala pani, Amritsar, systematic destruction of local trades and craft industries by the colonial masters – was that all honey moon, affinity and English good manners?

    “Pakistanis feel that they have nothing in common with the Chinese” claims the brown sahib who does not even live in today’s Pakistan and yet can channel feelings of the entire 200 million nation without explaining how?

    Pak ‘fondness for Hollywood’ does not trump imperial hubris directed at Pakistan to deliver a pyrrhic victory in Hindukush.

    “Persistent desire to contain India”….an obvious anachronism by someone who fails to grasp the enormity of what is unfolding in the Indus Valley. CPEC is way more ambitious and westward looking than the author can imagine. It has more to do with Middle East energy and African commodities but then why would BJ see that?

    One more thing, a nuclear nation does not need anothers’ nuclear umbrella! Geostrategy 101.

  • neat gye

    One sided view. Yes China has the eye-on-the-pie, but they are not unabashedly greedy and selfish like Western donors

  • sajjadfaisal ikramuddin

    The author knows much less than an author should know… This is all that was needed to be said. Now you get the idea. Actually this site feels extremely close to Jewish lobby… Or on a more positive note… Just anti muslim which gets some paid ppl or maybe fake Muslim author names.

  • sajjadfaisal ikramuddin

    This site should be rather named Israeli interest.

  • Safar Shah

    What kind of utterly nonsense article was this? I assume the author thinks that write enough bullshit no one will even know where to start criticizing from. Confuse them with utter lie filled narrative. Everyone knows that the Western aid given to Pakistan ends up right back in the coffers of US Military Industrial complex and in the pockets of some Generals. and politicians. China on the other hand is investing directly in Energy, Infrastructure projects which enables Pakistani industries to develop and compete globally. Also has the author ever travelled to China, met the Chinese there? or met the Muslim Huizhou Chinese communities, eaten at their restaurants? prayed at their Mosques? The bond between Pakistan and China, in spite of the language barrier will only continue to grow. The author should also meet some Westerners, Americans who refuse to even leave China. Author is a certified Idiot. Most likely a paid propagandist of the Israeli Interest.

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