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Pipeline Politics
Pipeline Politics
China Shores Up Its Overland Energy Supplies

A new oil pipeline deal with Myanmar will mollify Beijing’s energy security worries.

Pipeline Politics
Israel Plans a Pipeline to Europe

It’s an audacious project. But will it work?

Pipeline Politics
At Long Last, Keystone Gets the Federal Green Light

Still, several hurdles remain for the beleaguered project.

Pipeline Politics
Gazprom Gloats over Captive European Market

Gazprom’s deputy CEO claims a “renaissance” for his company’s fortunes in Europe.

Pipeline Politics
Trump Green-Lights Dakota Access Pipeline

Oil could start traveling the controversial project by June.

Pipeline Politics
Does Canada Still Need Keystone?

Trump’s support isn’t by itself enough to finish construction on the languishing pipeline.

Pipeline Politics
Keystone XL and DAPL Are Back

Keystone XL and DAPL never had much relationship with environmental health and safety.

Pipeline Politics
LNG Isn’t Freeing Europe from Gazprom Yet

But U.S. shale gas could start heading Europe’s way in volume later this year.

Pipeline Politics
Dakota Pipeline Protests Putting More Crude on Trains

Less crude traveling by pipeline just means more crude traveling by rail. That’s a danger to public health.

Pipeline Politics
Old Pipes Threaten American Energy Security

More than three-fifths of America’s fuel pipelines were built before 1970. That’s a problem.

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Time to unpack the irony.

Aramco IPO

Beijing is ready to invest in Saudi Aramco.

Venezuela seems headed for a boiling point while Maduro doubles down on Chavismo

Keeping Up With Medvedev

Now that Dmitry Medvedev knows beyond a reasonable doubt that he is being attacked, he will ruthlessly clean house when he gets his hands on the throne. And his enemies know he knows who they are.

Game of Thrones

Japan’s rise, and the reactions it provokes in capitals across the Pacific Rim is one of the key dynamics to watch as the Trump Administration gets its own footing in the region.

Higher Education Watch

The California State Auditor has delivered a damning assessment of the management practices at the single largest university system in the United States.

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