Alan Riley
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May's Folly
Brexit: An Unsustainable Deal

The draft EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement only prolongs the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and will almost surely be rejected by Parliament.

Alex McBride/Getty Images
Squaring the Circle
Sorting Out Brexit

Will May ultimately seek to save Brexit by embracing the single market?

Pipeline Politics
Can Nord Stream 2 Really Replace Groningen?

The EU faces a collapse in its domestic gas production. Russia claims it wants to help by providing more natural gas supplies via Nord Stream 2. Is this claim yet another example of a Russian disinformation operation in action?

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Slovakia v. Achmea
How the European Court of Justice Undermined Europe

A recent ruling by the EU’s supreme court simultaneously undermines the single market, deprives its states access to investment flows, and threatens the bloc’s security. It also helps the Brits.

It Could Be Worse

President Trump should be grateful that the Founding Fathers did not adopt the British model.

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