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Limping to Paris
Limping to Paris
Kerry: Climate Deal Won’t Be a Treaty

US Secretary of State John Kerry admitted the upcoming Paris climate summit won’t produce an international treaty.

Limping to Paris
Officials Hedging Ahead of Climate Summit

Swedish officials are pouring cold water on green optimism ahead of looming Paris climate talks.

Limping to Paris
Moving the Climate Goalposts

Due to some tinkering, a new UN climate model seems to revive a goal that was once thought dead.

Limping to Paris
UN Pessimistic About Climate Future

The UN says national climate commitments don’t go far enough. No one’s happy with the state of climate talks.

Limping to Paris
What Poland’s Elections Mean for the Global Climate Treaty

Poland’s new government isn’t happy with the state of climate negotiations, and that should have negotiators readying for Paris very concerned.

Limping to Paris
It’s Pay Up or Shut Up for the Climate Deal

Developing nations require payment if they’re to sign on to a Global Climate Treaty this December.

Limping to Paris
No One’s Happy with the State of Climate Talks

Poor countries were just handed a new cudgel with which to beat developed countries at the upcoming climate talks in Paris.

Limping to Paris
Scientists Say Climate Summit Structure Is Deeply Flawed

A group of researchers has called for a redesign of international climate talks just weeks ahead of what is being billed as an historic summit.

Limping to Paris
What Good Is an Unenforceable Climate Deal?

The UN’s climate chief hints that Paris won’t produce a binding treaty.

Limping to Paris
Can a Climate Deal Happen Without a Climate Fund?

The World Bank’s special envoy for climate change came out against the creation of a climate slush fund. What that means for the Paris talks.

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