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Corruption and Incompetence
Corruption and Incompetence
Former Assistant SecGen: The UN Is Failing

When even the New York Times is publishing op-eds bemoaning the condition of the United Nations, you know things have gotten really bad.

Corruption and Incompetence
Malaysia’s Money Mystery

Funds like Malaysia’s 1MDB should be subject to very strict and non-political scrutiny.

Corruption and Incompetence
Corruption Scandal at the U.N.

International organizations often get away with a lot more corruption than their national counterparts.

Corruption and Incompetence
The Clouds over Dilma’s Future Darken

Anger over corruption and economic mismanagement have ignited a powerful protest movement in Brazil.

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retirement crisis

Young Americans expect to lean more heavily on Social Security when they retire. But the system is underfunded.

Hail Shale

Give shale the credit it’s due this holiday weekend.

Pressuring Pyongyang

An analysis of their trade flows suggests so.


We are greatly saddened here at The American Interest to hear about the death of our friend, colleague, and mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

China's Big Money Diplomacy

China wants to help Egypt construct a new capital—but can they follow through?

social norms

The President’s assault on P.C. was at least partly successful. That is both good and bad.

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