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Age of Abe
Age of Abe
Japan Hits a Growth Streak

Could Abenomics finally be working?

Age of Abe
Abe Tightens His Grip

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks determined to play the long game, after a rules change that could allow him to stay in power until 2021.

Age of Abe
Shinzo Abe Riding High

Many in the West—and some in Japan—seem to think Abe’s nationalism could be his undoing, but the poll suggests that this is a premature and shallow judgment.

Age of Abe
Abe’s Smart Politics

Perhaps more than anything else, Abe’s success is the result of his political acumen and the disarray of his Liberal opponents.

Age of Abe
Japan Cracks Open the Immigration Door

Tokyo will be more careful to open its doors than Western countries have been.

Age of Abe
Militarization Can Help Japan Build Its Own Silicon Valley

Japan is using a revived military research and development program to turbocharge its high tech sector as it seeks a new era of economic dynamism.

Age of Abe
Japan Falls Back into Recession

The death of Abenomics has been prematurely announced before, but so too have reports of its vindication.

Age of Abe
Beijing Fears ISIS Killing Will Bolster Japanese Militarism

China fears that the execution of Japanese citizens by ISIS will give a boost to Shinzo Abe’s push for increased militarism.

Age of Abe
Japan’s Anti-Terrorism Puzzle

In the wake of the ISIS beheadings of its citizens, Japan has a tough choice to make: double down on its post-war pacifism, or strengthen its role in world affairs.

Age of Abe
Japan Continues Its Push in Global Arms Markets

Japan is trying to sell submarine-hunting jets to the UK. But the overall play is bigger than that.

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