The Far Side of Meritocracy

Michael Young's coinage of the term "meritocracy" is turning fifty years old. Young's satirical warnings of its downside remain as fresh as ever.

Going for the Gold: A Letter from Peru

Speculation has touched off the biggest gold rush in history, and that gold rush is straining Peru's society and environment.

The Happiness Imperative

Our modern cornucopia of consumer goods is supposed to make us happier, but it doesn't. Here's why.

Will the Kurds Get Their Way?

The rising prospect of Kurdish independence, with Iraqi Kurdistan as its epicenter, portends major disruptions in Southwest Asia and beyond.

Attack of the Killer Turntables

American music—not just playing and listening to it, but making and selling it—is a portal to cultural awareness.

Is Geography Destiny?

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Americans lost a "sensibility about time and space," says Robert D. Kaplan. His new book seeks to restore it.

Sincerely Yours

Sincerity, a quality we typically think of as a constant and unchanging human virtue, is anything but.

None of the Above

Expect no grand political realignment this November. Neither party has the right diagnosis for what ails America, and much less a cure.

Death (and) Taxes

Opponents of the "death tax" are really aiming at the idea of progressive taxation itself. Years of perfecting a deceptive pitch have brought them to the edge of victory.

Credit Where Credit is Not Due

Using the tax code to accomplish what the legislative process is supposed to do is bad for both.

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