Presidents and Their Generals: A Conversation with Eliot Cohen

When President Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal and sent General David Petraeus to Kabul in his stead, he wrote the latest chapter in a long narrative of civil-military tensions in America.

Autumn Note: Vial of Tears

Decades on, we’ve only just begun to ask the difficult questions about assisted reproductive technologies.

Ebb Tide

American’s many post-Cold War land wars have obscured important strategic truths, among them the real value of the U.S. Navy.

Caught on a Lee Shore

Redefining the strategic niche of the Marine Corps may be the key to a future as glorious as its past.

Benevolent, Adaptable and Underappreciated

A technology-enabled temptation to shorten the tether on Coast Guard operations threatens the future of a uniquely resourceful organization.

Unreserved Support

A former Congressman makes the case for giving the Active Reserves their due.

Getting to No

It’s delusional to think that Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, whether proximate or direct, can end the conflict anytime soon.

Electric Company

The more we rely on personal entertainment devices to keep us company, the lonelier we become.

The Unreal Thing

The question of authenticity has occupied some of the subtlest minds of the last century. Andrew Potter thinks the whole effort is a hoax.

The Gallic Orwell

Albert Camus and George Orwell had much in common, not least an early death and the elastic use of their literary legacies.

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