The Turkish Portfolio

U.S. policy toward Turkey must navigate a compound dislocation.

An Election in History

We now inhabit a populist democracy, as Obama the candidate understood well.

The Man in the Black Cape

Randolph Bourne’s warnings of how war feeds the state reverberate still.

Forging a New Shield

Charting a Goldwater-Nichols-scale reform for the U.S. interagency process.

Toolbox: Advice for the Advisor

Memo to the National Security Advisor: Learn from your predecessors.

Close It Down

Should we shut down the World Bank: Yes, it’s been marginal at best and a bust all along at worst.

Irrational (Democratic) Exuberance

Mere enthusiasm does not a successful government make.

Bombs Away

New tools to fight WMD proliferation need to be institutionalized, not abandoned.

What “Chimerica” Hath Wrought

Those who see America’s nadir in the current economic crisis are shortsighted.

A New Era

The big ideas of the Reagan era have overstayed their welcome, but what should replace them?

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