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Higher Education Watch
Higher Education Watch
Right-Wing Inquisitors on Campus

Trump’s victory may have emboldened anti-PC forces in higher education to overreach and take illiberal steps of their own.

Higher Education Watch
On Campus, It’s Marx vs. Mill

Should universities prioritize the pursuit of social justice or the pursuit of truth?

Higher Education Watch
Colleges Enlist Growing Army of Title IX Enforcers

Colleges make resident assistants “mandatory reporters” for potential Title IX violations.

Higher Education Watch
A College Ranking That Matters

Some things are more important to a university’s mission than admissions rates.

Higher Education Watch
Campus Inquisitors Have Second Thoughts

The Department of Justice has spent years rolling back campus due process protections. But it says one college took things too far.

Higher Education Watch
No End in Sight for Academia’s Leftward Drift

The younger generation of professors is more liberal than the cohort it is replacing.

Higher Education Watch
UC President: It’s Freedom of Speech, Not Freedom from Speech

An important step forward for the movement to save universities from the forces of censorship and intolerance.

Higher Education Watch
Report: Activist Faculty Too Overcome With Emotion to Do Research

Not the Onion.

Higher Education Watch
Fighting Anti-Semitism at CUNY

Militant anti-Israel ideology is a hallmark of the illiberal Left—and has been taking college campuses by storm in recent years.

Higher Education Watch
House Probes College Endowments

The House Ways and Means Committee takes a second look at college endowments’ tax-exempt status.

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Less crude traveling by pipeline just means more crude traveling by rail. That’s a danger to public health.

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The looming fiscal disaster is worthy of attention from the new Republican government in Washington.


So much for that “green” energy source.

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Trump’s view on the subject helped him get elected.

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The cartel is only making the task ahead more difficult.

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