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Culture Wars
Culture Wars
Déjà Vu in California

In more ways than one, 2016 feels like a funhouse mirror re-run of the 1990s.

Culture Wars
Is ‘Yes Means Yes’ Unstoppable?

State legislatures across the country are moving to formally adopt a version of the sexual consent policies that, just 23 years ago, made Antioch College a national laughing stock.

Culture Wars
Everything Old Is New Again

Liberal Southern cities and conservative Southern states are in the midst of a series of pitched political battles. While the issues defining this conflict are new, the conflict itself is not.

Culture Wars
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Religious Liberty in America: The Next Chapter

Unilateral disarmament in the culture wars is impossible when the left is on offense.

Culture Wars
Chinese Embryo Experiment Creates Big Blacklash

Chinese scientists are facing a big backlash for an unethical experiment that edited the DNA of embryos—a historical first. The controversy over DNA modification will be one of our biggest debates in coming decades.

Culture Wars
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The mental act of looking at something is a critical component of conscience. This perhaps helps us understand why certain front lines in the culture war are shifting and others are not.

Culture Wars
The Well Runs Dry for “War on Women” Rhetoric

Despite the prominent role culture war issues are playing in some midterm campaigns, voters care far more about the economy and health care than about gay marriage or abortion. Politicians or pundits who pretend otherwise are missing the mood of the electorate.

Culture Wars
American Sex and the Middle East

We Americans talk about sex publicly all the time these days, but it rarely dawns on America’s cultural warriors that foreigners overhear these conversations. The consequences are not always trivial.

Culture Wars
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The Menace of Menace

Boko Haram’s horrors are no more attributable to Islam than they are to the perpetrators’ identities as Nigerians or Africans. They instead have everything to do with what happens when societies don’t put the brakes on men—or menace.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

Philippine officials sought to clarify Duterte’s comments on separating from the U.S., but the situation is still murky.

Reefer Madness

Is it Gary Johnson’s world? Not necessarily.


Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin thinks Moscow can add 4 million barrels per day in the coming years.


America’s peculiar system for choosing presidents may help avoid post-election chaos.

Third Debate Recap

Trump shortchanges his supposed signature issue to defend man-crush on Putin.

Frozen Ukraine

The latest round of peace talks only mask Europe’s lack of leverage and commitment in Ukraine.

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