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Culture Wars
Everything Old Is New Again
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  • Jim__L

    The shoe is on the other foot here. Typically it’s ultra-liberal Federal law tyrannizing States.

    I wonder if there will be a Free City movement at some point… San Francisco splitting off from California, maybe.

    • Fat_Man

      I will buy them a cake. Maybe we can get them to leave the US too.

  • seattleoutcast

    Cities dominate many states around the country. Seattle dominates Washington and Minneapolis/St. Paul dominates Minnesota, for example. It’s tyranny and courtesy of the supreme court in Reynolds v Sims.

    • Jim__L

      Coastal dominates California. Outside of the coastal counties, it’s GOP country.

  • Fat_Man

    “But it remains to be seen whether the combatants in the new culture wars will be as amenable to compromise and accommodation as their predecessors.”

    No. The modern Puritans don’t do compromise. They prefer to go around the battle field and double tap those who are not most certainly dead. Recusant florists and cake bakers will tug their forelocks and and kowtow or they will taste the lash.

    • Jim__L

      The Benedict Option is still open.

      Modern “Puritanism” will fall of its own dead weight, as the sterility, selfishness, and bullying cowardice of the movement prevent it from sustaining itself. It will not last anywhere near as long as the original Boston Puritans did.

      Keep the faith, keep up the good fight. There will be a Renaissance eventually.

      • Fred

        I admire your optimism, Jim, but I see very little reason to share it. Hillary Clinton will become president in a landslide of historic proportions. The Republicans will almost certainly lose their majority in the Senate and may lose the House. If they retain the house, it will be by a margin small enough that a few defections passes liberal legislation and/or blocks conservative legislation. Even more importantly long term, Hillary will appoint at least two SC justices, possibly three. More importantly even than that long term, demographics alone provides more than adequate reason for despair. You can’t have a first world country with third world demographics, especially when those groups vote for an ethnic spoils system the left is expert at exploiting. In addition, our dominant media–television, movies, newspapers, and magazines–and the K through PhD education establishment are well-oiled left-wing propaganda machines that ruthlessly weed out dissenting voices. Our children will never hear conservative ideas except in a distorted straw man set up to demonstrate their evil and stupidity. No, to quote John Derbyshire, “We are doomed.” And you know what? We deserve to be. We are a weak, enervated, degenerate culture whose time has come and gone. Spengler was right, Optimismus ist Feigheit.

        • Jim__L

          When Paul wrote to the Christians in the household of Caesar, did he preach despair?

          Of course not. There’s every reason to hope. Even a single person who gains the respect of those around him by holding fast to what is right, speaking with quiet goodwill and without bitterness, can inspire everyone around him.

          Some will stay on the path to destruction, but many will not.

          Keep fighting the good fight.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The “county option” arrangements on liquor will have been constructed in the statehouses by the business communities of the metro areas. You will get as much “compromise and accommodation” in the statehouses on these other issues as the metro business communities think is important and demand at the capitol. Minimum wage? No. Sanctuary? Meh. Non-discrimination? Meh-to-maybe. Airport control? Depends.

  • Ray Zacek

    The gender choice washroom brouhaha in NC serves as an example of this “particularly pitched” conflict in the culture war. Friend of mine living in NC describes this bill as an attempt of a conversative state legislature, dominated by Republicans, to pre-empt local ordinances in such places as Charlotte, Wilmington, Chapel Hill, et al.

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