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China's Soft Power
China's Soft Power
China Works to Influence Australian Media

The effort that begun under Hu Jintao is evolving under Xi into Chinese soft power with rather heavy-handed characteristics.

China's Soft Power
China Is Secretly Buying American Radio Stations

The West’s enemies are much better at propaganda than officials in Brussels and Washington often realize.

China's Soft Power
Route Approved for China-Backed Canal in Nicaragua

Nicaragua approved plans for a Chinese-built rival to the Panama Canal on Monday, with construction to begin by the end of the year.

China's Soft Power
Radio Beijing in the Middle East

China’s Arabic-language television and radio outreach efforts don’t compare to America’s in traditional measures like audience size. But sometimes how many people are tuning in isn’t as important as who is tuning in.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
"Peak" Oil?

The UK may have just found its biggest new reserve of offshore crude this century.

Land of the Rising Gun

Shinzo Abe is not letting the North Korean crisis go to waste.


The Obama Recovery didn’t do much for the housing sector.


Will we see a third ring of suburbs?

Asia's Game of Thrones

Time will tell if this strategy will backfire, generating more pushback from potential allies like South Korea.

Not Dead Yet

But this weekend’s protests, impressive as they were, are a long way from constituting a lasting threat to Putin’s power.

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