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China's Soft Power
China Is Secretly Buying American Radio Stations
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  • Jim__L

    I thought I read that WCRW stood for “W China Radio Washington”.

    If they’re trying to be secretive, they’re not very good at it.

    We have Radio Free stations in foreign countries. I think it is far more important for us to openly engage, rather than to silence.

    • dawnsblood

      They may not be good at it but it isn’t acceptable. The “Radio Free” and “Voice of America” stations make no bones about who funds them. Every listener is able to decide what they believe about what the stations report with that knowledge. It isn’t right for them to disguise that China controls the station. Shut them down or make them identify themselves.

  • Tom_Tildrum

    Are they actually better at propaganda, or just more prolific? Of the few people who know about and listen to WCRW, have any of them been convinced that the station is a respectable source?

  • Nevis07

    Definitely concerning. I’d like to see congress and the administration do something about this – but then, we are talk about congress and the white house, so my hopes are limited…

    BTW, TAI says that the purchases were probably illegal in some cases. Which laws were breached and why can’t we sue to shut them down?

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